Amherst Label Adds Third Domino Press

Inovar's Amherst Label in Milford, New Hampshire, USA, adds a third Domino N610i digital UV inkjet press and a second MPS EF SYMJET “powered by Domino” hybrid press in February 2024. will be installed.

“We have 55 full-time employees and have added 250 new customers in the past two years. Our main goal is to take care of our customers and provide great opportunities for our employees. , to continue to grow with technology.Currently, we have four flexo presses, one Domino N610i digital roll-to-roll, and two MPS-Domino (flexo/digital) hybrids. So I'm really excited to see our growth. And last year we merged with Innovar Packaging Group, which is a great fit for us,” said Nye, president of Amherst Label.・Mr. Horner says.

Currently with 11 locations, Inovar Packaging Group aims to build a world-class commercial company by creating a platform that drives scalable and sustainable growth.

Katie Putnam, prepress and digital print supervisor, said: “A few years ago, we started seeing more version control, more SKUs, more specialty labels, and faster delivery times. Customers were demanding higher quality.

Nye added, “The other big thing was turnaround time. And customers started asking for different information. So everything was pointing us in the direction of adding digital.”

Amherst Label's first digital press was a Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press installed in July 2016, followed by the first MPS EF SYMJET “powered by Domino” hybrid press in March 2021 it was done.

The impetus for adding the MPS-Domino hybrid was not only because of the need for additional capacity, but also the ability to add decorations, varnishes, cold foils, etc. while printing and converting all inline in one pass. It was a request to do so. Nye said: “Being able to print and convert inline saves a lot of time because the process can be done in one step instead of two, thus increasing throughput and productivity. All these benefits are a domino effect. .”

“Domino brings a great addition to our fleet,” says Nye. “This technology has several important advantages. The first is white opacity. The second is speed. I've talked to converters who run other digital devices half as fast as we do. The other day we were running at 65 meters (213 feet) per minute. It's not just the speed of printing, it's also the speed to the customer. The third thing is the color gamut. With it you can achieve almost any color. And fourth, and most importantly, quality.

“When we sent samples to test, the Domino samples that came back were the best of any digital printing provider. We believe Domino really stands out and we are thrilled to be able to offer that quality to our customers. “I agree,” Putnam said. “And the other thing I'd like to add is color consistency. So whether you're selling 20,000 feet of product to a customer this month, you're selling 20,000 feet of product next month. Even if you produce 5,000 feet of the same label, that's an important factor. We know it will match.”

Nye concludes: “We are very happy with Domino. We trust Domino's technicians and they trust our employees. We're having good interactions.'' Inovar continues to acquire, invest in, and expand its geographic footprint, production capacity, and printing capabilities, and it's clear that it's a company to watch in the coming years.

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