Cardiff students need ID to enter campus buildings due to camping

The entrance to the main building on Horseshoe Drive will also be locked.

Cardiff University students will need to show their student ID if they want to enter the main building.

Vice-chancellor Professor Wendy Larner posted the news on the student intranet after a pro-Palestinian encampment was set up in the building's driveway.

Professor Rana said the new security measures were introduced to enable staff and students to be “free from harassment” and feel safe on campus.

University staff are monitoring the situation and working to minimize any disruption, she continued.

The email also outlines that the front door on Horseshoe Avenue will not be open and students must enter the main building through Park Plaza.

The vice-chancellor concluded the communication by confirming that the university supports “the right to engage in lawful, peaceful and respectful protest”.

On Monday, an encampment of numerous tents was set up on Horseshoe Avenue, the semicircular driveway in front of the main building. Protesters also unfurled pro-Palestinian banners and signs on the lawn in front of the building.

As the camp was being set up, a student inside the main building told The Tab that security asked them to stay away from the gate and that if they left the building, they would not be allowed back.

She said: “They locked the front door and told us to go out the back door. When we got to the back door we were told we couldn't stand near the door because it was left open and if we left we wouldn't be allowed back in.

The camp was set up after protests took place outside the Super League and ended up on the main lawn.

One of the groups organizing the camp, Palestinian Students of Cyprus, made four demands to the University of Wales.

These require the university to “open its accounts and maintain full transparency on its investments and donations,” reject companies that “actively participate in genocide,” and invest in Palestinian education programs.

Finally, it requires universities to “support Palestinian students and faculty who have suffered as a result of the genocide and protect students and faculty who hold or practice pro-Palestinian beliefs.”

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