Domino's Pizza disappointed by negative comments from customers when ordering online

george town: Domino's Pizza Malaysia has taken action against a customer who wrote a negative and insensitive comment in the notes section when ordering online, in connection with an incident in Penang where a pizza receipt containing words deemed to insult Islam went viral. expressing regret.

In a statement today, the company said it does not tolerate any form of discrimination or negative comments, whether directed toward employees, customers or the community.

“We were also disappointed that one of our employees felt it was the right thing to do in sharing a receipt with customer information on social media.

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“Both actions are wrong and we are taking appropriate action against the employees and customers involved,” the company said.

The statement also said the company has reported the matter to the police and remains committed to ensuring a harmonious environment for everyone.

A photo of a receipt allegedly issued by a pizza restaurant on Kenari Road in Sungai Ara here and containing language derogatory to Islam went viral on social media yesterday.

Bharat Daya District Police Chief Supt. Camalul Rizal Genal said an initial investigation revealed that the words were written by the customer in the notes section when ordering online.

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