Eligible voters will receive their EU election voting cards in the coming days

Everyone eligible to vote in the upcoming EU elections – all 7.7 million people – should receive voting cards in the mail by May 22 at the latest, Sweden's electoral body wrote in a statement announcing that they were preparing.

Swedish citizens (including dual nationals) who are 18 years or older on election day can vote in the European elections, even if they do not live in Sweden. However, they must have registered as living in Sweden at some time in the past.

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Non-Swedish citizens living in Sweden can only vote if they have EU citizenship. For example, citizens of Ireland, France or Germany living in Sweden can vote in European elections, but Americans, Indians, Australians, British, etc. cannot.

If you are an EU citizen registered to live in Sweden, you may have received a letter from the electoral body asking you to apply to be included or excluded from the Swedish electoral register for EU elections. The letter should contain a form that you need to send to the regional government where you live. Under EU rules, you can only vote in EU elections in one country.

You can vote early from May 22 or go to a designated polling station on election day (June 9).


If you think you should have received a voting card but didn't (or received it and then lost it), you can order a new one. You can order by mail, by noon on May 31st, or by email, by 7pm on June 9th.

More than half of Swedish voters (55%) voted in the last EU elections in 2019.

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