Joana Mendes wins Domino's Pizza title of “World's Fastest Pizza Chef” for 2024

Mendes became the first woman to win the event in a new record time of 39.2 seconds.

LAS VEGAS, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Domino's Pizza Inc. (NYSE:DPZ)The world's largest pizza companyDomino's Pizza presented the title of 2024 World's Fastest Pizza Chef to new champion Joana Mendes, competing among top competitors from around the world at the World's Fastest Pizza Contest held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on May 8, 2024. Mendes, an assistant manager at Domino's Pizza in Ipswich, England, made three large pizzas in a record-breaking 39.2 seconds, becoming the first woman to win the contest. Mendes received a $5,000 prize, a trophy, a championship belt, and the honorary title of World's Fastest Pizza Chef from Domino's Pizza CEO Russell Weiner.

Joana Mendes has become the first woman to win Domino's World's Fastest Pizza Chef competition with a record-breaking time of 39.2 seconds.

Joana Mendes is the first woman to win Domino's World's Fastest Pizza Chef competition.

“This title means everything to me,” said Mendes. “For the past two years I've trained hard to become the first woman to win the UK's Fastest Pizza Chef competition. From there, my goal was to go to the next level and become the Fastest Pizza Chef in the World. I had the best people by my side mentoring me and I achieved one of my biggest goals in life.”

Finalists in the World's Fastest Pizza Chef competition come from Domino's restaurants around the world to compete against each other in their pizza-making prowess. Finalists must hand-roll the dough, pour sauce and toppings as quickly as possible to prepare three large pizzas – pepperoni, mushroom and cheese. While speed is important, it's not the only deciding factor in determining who is the World's Fastest Pizza Chef. Quality is also a major consideration, as two judges with deep experience in Domino's pizza-making practices score contestants on three criteria: dough/sauce, topping quantity and placement.

“The World's Fastest Pizza Chef competition celebrates Domino's associates who have taken their pizza-making skills to unparalleled levels,” said Frank Garrido, Domino's executive vice president and chief restaurant officer. “The incredible speed and precision demonstrated by these contestants is a testament to Domino's focus on delivering excellence. Our franchise owners employ the best pizza chefs in the world, and we are proud to name Joanna the World's Fastest Pizza Chef for 2024.”

Domino's Pizza launched the World's Fastest Pizza Chef competition in 1982 to recognize the pizza chef who best embodies the company's philosophy of keeping its stores efficient and allowing enough time to deliver pizzas safely and on time.

Mendes began working for Domino's Pizza as a Customer Service Representative in 2015. He currently works for Domino's Pizza Group (DPG), the master franchisor of Domino's Pizza in the UK. Mendes is one of DPG's largest franchisees and was mentored by Pari Grewal, who was named the World's Fastest Pizza Chef in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

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