The most expensive card in Yu-Gi-Oh! Rare Collection 2


  • Rarity Collection 2 contains both ancient and modern cards, perfect for beginners. Upgrade your deck with shiny or alternative art cards.
  • Cards such as Golden Sarcophagus and Hell Lady have market values ​​ranging from $29.84 to $120.00. They provide unique effects and value.
  • The Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, Access Code Speaker, and I:P Masquerena offer powerful abilities, while the Apollo Lusa Bow has a variety of negative abilities. Flex your collection.

Yu-Gi-Oh! “Rarity Collection 2” is a surprise sequel to the first “Rarity Collection” released in 2023. One of the sets please buy if you are a beginner.


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The collection also includes cards with increased rarity. This means players can upgrade their decks with the rarest shiny cards or hard-to-find alternative arts. This makes them an excellent find, allowing you to get your money back quickly. These are the most valuable cards in Rarity Collection 2.

Prices are listed based on current market value listings on TCGPlayer

10 Golden Sarcophagus (a quarter-century secret rare)

Market price: $29.84

Yu-Gi-Oh!Gold Sarcophagus Card Art

Golden Sarcophagus is a classic card in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh. It depicts the original puzzle box containing the Millennium Puzzle from the anime. It allows you to eliminate a card from your deck face up. You can then add it to your hand after two turns.

While it may seem like a long wait to get this card into your hand within two turns, being banished face-up makes a big difference. This makes cards with triggered effects effective immediately when removed.

9 Pressured Planet Wraitsoth (Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Street price: $29.89

Yu-Gi-Oh!Stress Planet Wraitsoth Card Art

Pressurized Planet Linthos is a must-have for Kashtira-centric decks. This field spell allows you to search for Kashtila monsters from your deck and add them to your hand.

You will get more value if you own Kashtira Shangri-Ira. When the effect is activated, you can use this card to select a card on the field and destroy it. This can help you force your opponent to use up their negations and even help clear the board.

8 Unchained Wrathful Soul (Quarter-Century Secret Rare)

Street price: $29.95

Yu-Gi-Oh!Unchained Souls of Fury Card Art

Raging Unchained Souls is a valuable card for decks using the Unchained Souls engine. It allows you to interact with your opponent during their main phase, using one of their own Special Summoned Monsters as material for a Dark Nexus monster.


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This allows you to achieve effects that trigger when summoned, but also allow monsters to climb higher using their own link. You'll be able to disrupt your opponent, potentially preventing them from completing a full combo during their turn or destroying their board.

7 No. 38: Harbinger of Hope Dragon Titanic Galaxy (Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Street price: $29.99

Yu-Gi-Oh! 38 Herald of Hope Dragon Titanic Galaxy Card Art

No. 38: Harbinger Dragon of Hope Titanic Galaxy Returns Rare Collection 2. It also allows you to attach invalid spells to the number 38 as a material.

This prevents the spell from being destroyed and sent to the graveyard, which could trigger some unwanted effects. During the combat phase, you can take the material No. 38 to change the opponent's attack target. This can help you prevent low attack monsters from getting crushed.

6 Burial of Folly (Quarter-Century Secret Rare)

Street price: $34.90

Yu-Gi-Oh's Silly Burial Spell Card

Burial of Folly is a simple but very useful card. It allows you to send a monster from your deck to your graveyard. Typically, this is all you need to start a combo, with a number of effects that can be triggered when severe.

Burial of Folly is also a common spell card, making it a search target for a triple tactical push when needed. In Rare Collection 2, it gets a huge rarity boost as a quarter-century secret rarity, allowing you to send monsters to their graves in style.

5 Red-Eyed Dark Dragoon (Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Market price: $69.84

Yu-Gi-Oh!Red Eyes Black Dragon Knight Card Art

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is a fusion monster with a game-ending effect. First, it cannot be destroyed by card effects. This forces your opponent to find different ways to remove it from the field.


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Then, depending on the number of normal monsters that were summoned as materials, you can destroy 1 monster on your opponent's field. This will also burn your opponent. However, its best ability is Almighty Negation, which not only blocks the opponent's best cards but also increases Red Eye's attack power by 1000 points.

4 Accesscode Talker (Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Street price: $99.99

Access Code Talker Card Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Accesscode Talker is a universal Link-4 monster that can fit into a variety of decks. It has been printed in previous series at extremely high rarity. However, it's now getting the treatment of a quarter-century secret rarity.

This rarity increase now makes it one of the most valuable cards in Rare Collection 2. Your opponent's card effects cannot directly react to this.

3 I:P Masquerena (Alternative Art) (A Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Market price: $111.60

Yu-Gi-Oh! I:P Masquerena Alternative Art

I:P Masquerena's alternate art is one of the biggest improvements to one of the most useful link monsters. It has been used in special Yu-Gi-Oh sleeves and binders in the past, and was even released as a gold rarity.

I:P Masquerena features a quarter-century secret rare print that ditches the fragile gold bold for a sleek new design and card texture. When you have it on the field, be able to maximize this rarity and be ready to fight stronger monsters.

2 Bow of the Goddess Apollo (Alternative Art) (Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Market price: $112.42

Yu-Gi-Oh!Bow of Apollolutha of the Goddess Alternate Card Art

Monsters with multiple negations are already valuable due to their usefulness in duels. Apollousa Bow Goddess has as many negations as it does depending on how many monsters it uses as bond material. It also gains attacks, preventing it from being defeated immediately.


game Master!

Go to Yu-Gi-Oh! event, you may find a valuable card in OTS Tournament Pack 24.

Now you can get alternative art for the 25th Anniversary stamp embossed on your card design. This card can help you avoid many hand traps, including Ash Flower, Nibiru, Ghost Ogre, and more. So protect your monsters by flashing this expensive card.

1 The Goddess of the Underworld in the Closed World (Secret Rare for a Quarter Century)

Market price: $120.00

Yu-Gi-Oh!Closed world goddess of the underworld card art

Closed World Goddess of the Underworld is the most valuable card in Rare Collection 2, and for good reason. As a Link-5 monster, it takes a while to get out of the battlefield. Fortunately, you can use a monster on your opponent's field as material.

This can help you eliminate one of your opponent's best monsters. After the Link Summon is successful, all effects of face-up monsters on the opponent's field are negated. It also has a niche effect, being immune to the effects of activation unless they specifically target it.


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