The new Thunder Nexus cards are proving their worth in Commander!

Outlaws at Thunder Junction is doing very well so far, especially compared to its predecessor, The Karloff Manor. The set has a large number of playable games, covering well-known formats such as Legacy and Vintage, as well as some standard formats. Not surprisingly, Thunder Junction also has quite a few playable Commander cards.

While they are good, I'm not talking about Thunder Junction Commander decks. The main set alone is packed with goodies in everyone's favorite singleton format. From powerful new multi-color legendary cards to 99’s flexible additions, there’s something for every Commander deck. While I don't have enough space to cover everything this series has to offer, I'm going to highlight the best performers so far.

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Best new commander

As many have pointed out during Spoiler Season, Thunder Junction has a higher density of legendary creatures than most settings. Of course, some of these new guys will make great commanders. At the time of writing, topping the EDHRec rankings by a considerable margin, Obeka “The Minute Man” This should be familiar to many of you by now. The card has been in the news due to its impact on the secondary market. These impressive price spikes are driven by the card's immense power in maintenance-focused decks.

Having multiple upkeep isn't an avenue that's been explored in the past, but cards like Eldraine's Court and Kamikawa Shrine can work well.Obeka has played Commander in nearly 5,000 EDHRec decks to date, beating the 2nd place winner Gitrog, the greedy ride 2.5 times.

Of course, that's not to say that the Frog Terror Mount is a bad commander. The Gitrog, the Greed Ride, is an efficient threat that combines a sacrifice exit, a traction engine, and a ramp. Generally speaking, it's enough to take almost any stack of green/black cards to achieve victory. Put it on a dedicated land plate, though, and you can actually cook.

The new commander's bronze medal was awarded to Kailan boy. To date, 1,674 decks have hired him as a hired gun. He's always using spells in unconventional places, whether it's from Exile through the plot, or from your graveyard through flashbacks. Every time you do this, he either cheats a permanent or enters the battlefield. Mana cheats are often a great way to win games, and Kailan can help you do that.

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Best Cards of 1999

These are the best commanders out there, but what about 99's new tools? Thunder Junction is no slouch in this regard either. Judging from EDHRec statistics, the big winner here is the new Spree card.Almost all of these games have decent numbers, but The Great Train Robbery Currently at the top.

Spree's inherent resilience is the obvious reason for the success of the entire mechanism. In formats with three or more opponents, it's more important than ever to be prepared for different situations. The Great Train Robbery is all about attacking, but it still gives you three different options for different situations. You can use it as a basic combat trick, a surprise card draw spell, or an extra combat step generator.It plays in a full range of decks of all types, from Kroenke, gang boss arrive Voja, Jaws of the Conclave.

greedy is another Spree smash hit. Being a three-mana tutor on its own might be enough for many decks, but the fact that it can also be a draw three when you need it pushes it over the top. It's hard to imagine a mono-black deck not wanting this, and it's already used in many decks.
return a favor Top three carnival cards. It can copy or redirect a spell or ability, or both to get the correct mana. Considering the hayman genre in Commander, the ability to make a copy of one and keep the original out can seriously turn the game around.

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The biggest surprise

Thunder-Junction-Commander Card-The Biggest SurpriseThunder-Junction-Commander Card-The Biggest Surprise

Spree cards are an exciting addition to the format, but their success isn't particularly shocking. This isn't the case with some of the other new cards. Lavaspur boots It's proven to be a hit across multiple formats, but it doesn't exactly scream “Commander” at first glance.look like a poor man Lightning Leggings More important than anything else. Zone 1 has proven to provide good enough protection in many situations, and haste is important to many commanders.

Small bones, pickpockets Another surprise. During spoiler season, it's clear that Bones is doing well in Vanguard and Standard, but their commander viability is somewhat questionable. Since larger mana costs are the norm in Commander, expect them to be easily stepped on. However, with Death Touch and multiple opponents to choose from, they can easily sneak in and recast some dangerous spells.

Finally, we have drought arch. For true veterans, this is a place of bounce, or Karoo land. It reflects an existing land you have, but in return, you tap two colorless mana. It can also spy if you bounce off the desert. Lands like this are better than usual in Commander because it's a slower format. Still, the fact that this game comes out is surprising, since it only clicks colorless. Apparently, the extra surveillance capabilities are enough to give it an advantage. After all, stocks in the desert rise on the premonition of desert blooms.

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