Thunder Junction's best cards for MTG Arena


  • Alchemy introduces new cards and mechanics such as heists and magic, adding versatility to gameplay in a variety of formats.
  • Cards like Rune Obelisk and Vona de Iedo offer unique abilities that can bring powerful plays and strategies to the game.
  • Mechanics like heist found in cards like Aven the Thief and Impetuous Reaver can provide powerful advantages and boost potential.

Alchemy: Thunder Rendezvous is a digital-exclusive set in Magic: The Gathering Arena. The set introduces 30 new cards that can be used in Alchemy (which will be rotated two years after release), Historical cards, Eternal cards, and Brawl cards.


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Alchemy: Thunder Rendezvous introduces new mechanics to Magic such as Heist, which allows you to exile one of three nonland cards from your opponent's deck and then cast them using any color of mana. Summons are also back, with multiple cards having their own spellbooks and a series of cards that create Mox. There are a lot of powerful cards available, some of which are powerful enough to play in the Eternal format.

10 Rune carved obelisk

Mana Rock Tutor

MTG rune engraved obelisk card and artistic background

A four-mana mana rock isn't ideal, but the Rune-Carved Obelisk makes up for it by not only tapping for two mana instead of one, but also directing out the highest-mana card after it starts charging after a few uses. .

While you can't choose which card you're looking for, if you only have one card with the highest mana, you'll always hit it by looking, since Rune Obelisk will always try to get the card with the highest mana remaining inside.

9 From De Iedo, Antifex

Threatening removal

MTG Vona de Iedo Antifex card with artistic background

Removal spells attached to permanents are very useful because they remove problem cards from your opponent's field while giving you a body to use on your field. Vona de Iedo, Antifex is a great card because it also allows you to get a copy of the destroyed card.

The casting cost isn't ideal, but under the right conditions it can lead to a huge explosion by stealing one of your opponent's best creatures. A 4/2 with threat can also be difficult to deal with, especially since Werner's ability can clear blockers that would otherwise cause Werner to be destroyed by combat.

8 interrogation of intruders

discard and destroy

MTG Invaders Judgment card with artistic background

Inquisition of Invaders requires a few things to prepare before starting, as it requires creatures on the battlefield. If you're playing a creature with high power, you can get rid of one of your opponent's weaker creatures to ensure that Invader's Judgment deals extra damage to force a discard.

Trial of the Invaders is easy to play and can come out late in the game to get rid of one of your opponent's win conditions (if they use a more midrange deck to get rid of their top end). Since it always discards the card with the highest mana, it will usually discard the most important card in its hand.

7 Thief Alvin

sky robbery

MTG Thief Alvinka with artistic background

Looting is a very powerful mechanic as it never dies on the ground and helps you get rid of your opponent's cards that would hinder you and allow you to turn them against them. While Aven the Thief is the weakest card when it comes to heist, its mechanics are so powerful that it's still one of the best cards in Alchemy: Thunder Junction.


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Since Alvin the Thief has the ability to fly, it's harder for opponents to block it. If you had a way to give it a double whammy, you could loot twice in a fight instead of just once.

Looking for mana leaks

MTG silent extraction card with artistic background

Two-mana counterspells tend to be the strongest, as they are useful both early and late in the game. While your opponent can pay taxes to negate Silent Extraction, they still need mana to actually do it. If your opponent doesn't avoid it, and if it counters the right spell, Silent Evacuation can win the game.

If the threshold comes up, you might be able to find a creature to replace the Silent Extract in your hand. However, this requires a lot of things to get right (such as countering a card with the mana you need to guide), so countering is the main attraction.

5 Cunning Jailer Grenzo

Robbery never ends

MTG Grenzo Crooked Jailer card with artistic background

Glenzo the Cunning Jailor is a card that will snowball out of control if left on the battlefield. You can continue to loot every upkeep, or even cast one of these spells for free each turn. If you steal a top card from your opponent's deck, you can potentially cast a game-ending spell for free.

Grenzo does require a lot of available mana before it enters the battlefield, so its mana holding back is a bit. However, the advantages it offers make the investment worth it, especially if you have the means to protect it.

4 Tessa of the Ghost Council

MTG Ghost Council Tessa card and artistic background

Cards that can snowball are threats that must be answered, as is the case with Tessa of the Ghost Council, which must be answered on your turn as it exiles itself on each end step. There is almost no reason not to use Tessa's effect as it will re-enter the battlefield giving you an extra 1/1 Spirit and extra Strength.

Tessa of the Ghost Council isn't a card you'll be attacking very often, but it gains power through increased strength since it's a soul in its own right. The spirit tokens Tessa creates have the ability to fly, making them not only evasive but also powerful through the static stat boosts Tessa provides.

3 weaving nightmares

Nightmare Heist

MTG weaving nightmare card and artistic background

Modal spells (spells that have multiple options when cast) are very useful because of their versatility, allowing you to use whatever mode best suits a given game state. Weave a Nightmare combines card advantage, removal, and counterspell into a single card that doesn't cost a lot of mana to cast.


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Since heist is such a powerful mechanic, you'll often be controlling a permanent that's not yours, giving you the choice of two modes in Weaving Nightmares instead of just one. Every option in “Weaving Nightmares” is useful, so “Weaving Nightmares” will never be useful.

2 impetuous plunderer

Rob the treasure

MTG impetuous raider card and art background

Cards that can instantly loot are great, and Impetuous Looter is one of the best ways to do that. You do need to discard a card to loot, but it's worth the trade-off for a card in your opponent's deck that also gives you a treasure token when you cast it.

Impulsive Looter has solid stats and a two-drop ability that will even give you a boost if you're in a deck that loots a lot. It does a lot with very little investment, making it the best creature in Alchemy: Thunder Junction.

1 serious expectations

Looking forward to robbery

MTG Grave Expectations Card and Art Background

Heist is one of the most powerful purely digital mechanics in Magic, and Grave Desire is the simplest, requiring only one black mana and nothing else. It's also instant, so you can wait until you no longer need mana to interact with it.

While the looting ability is the main draw, Grave Expectation can also be used as a graveyard hate and life buff, helping to shut down any graveyard-reliant strategies and counter hate decks. If you're playing black, there's no reason not to run the maximum number of copies of Grave Expectations, looting is that good.


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