Woman uses stolen credit card to buy lottery tickets

Woman uses stolen credit card to buy lottery tickets

A Mount Vernon woman was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiring to purchase nearly 2,000 lottery tickets with stolen credit cards.

A federal grand jury in Springfield, Missouri, indicted 31-year-old Amy Young on two counts.

Today’s indictment alleges that Young obtained stolen credit cards and conspired to use those stolen credit cards to purchase lottery tickets from a Phillips 66 gas station in Joplin, Missouri, between July 22 and August 18, 2022 . They kept part of the money for themselves and gave the rest to Yang.

According to the indictment, Young used stolen credit cards to purchase at least 1,957 Missouri lottery tickets valued at $62,082. Additionally, Young and her co-conspirators received a $54,248 cash prize from winning tickets purchased using stolen credit card numbers.

In total, between the fraudulent credit card transactions and the winnings fraudulently received, Young and her co-conspirators fraudulently obtained at least $116,330.

Today's indictment charges Young with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of wire fraud related to the fraudulent purchase of $480 in lottery tickets on August 18, 2022, using a stolen credit card.

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