The 10 strongest trainer cards in Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade

Twilight Masquerade is coming soon, and it looks like it could be one of the biggest Pokemon TCG series of the year. With a blend of stunning artwork and blockbuster cards, this expansion has the potential to shake up the meta.

Pokémon-centric cards tend to get all the attention ahead of a new expansion set, but some trainer cards in Twilight Masquerade could be game-changers for competitive players.

Here are the 10 most powerful trainer cards in Twilight Masquerade, ranked including the best items, stadiums, supporters, and tools. Please note – at the time of writing this article, the expansion set is not yet available. Please check back on launch day for more information.


Kiran Pokemon Card.

Kieran (122/101) Pokémon card.

Kieran is a rare supporter who offers 2 different perks to choose from during the game. We chose the ultra-rare version of the Kieran Supporter card, but these instructions will apply to any Kieran card in Twilight Masquerade.

When a Kiran card is played, players can choose to swap their active Pokemon with a bench Pokemon, or gain a 30-point damage buff to attacks from their opponent's Pokemon predecessor or Pokemon V before applying Weakness and Resistance.

Dual-choice supporter cards like this are rare, and they provide players with plenty of flexibility in their matches. This card is worth keeping an eye on both as a competitive player and as a collector, as the price of “Ultra Rare” and “Special Illustration Rare” can increase significantly.

2. Festival venue(149/167)

Festival Grounds (149/167) Pokémon Cards.

Twilight Masquerade has a strong festive theme and closely follows the legend of the Northward Journey. This particular trainer card is one of the only stadiums in the expansion pack and has a lot of competitive potential. Beyond that, it also has the potential to become quite annoying.

When a match is in progress at the Festival Grounds Stadium, any Pokémon with energy will recover from the special status and will not be affected by the special status.

This stadium can prove powerful both early and late in the game, especially if you have a way to remove energy from your opponent's active Pokémon.

3.Handheld fan(150/167)

Holding fan Pokemon card.

Handheld Fan (095/101) Pokémon Card.

Speaking of energy movement, a handheld fan can provide powerful energy control over your opponent's Pokémon. Removing energy from your opponent's active Pokémon is an effective way to slow down your deck, and can also prevent critical attacks.

Once a Pokémon has the Handheld Fan Pokémon Tool attached and is in the active position, any damage done to it (including knockdowns) means you can move the energy card on the attacking Pokémon to one of your backup Pokémon.

Pairing a Handheld Fan with a card like Festival Ground ensures that your opponent's active Pokémon ends up stranded on the battlefield – after all, if you remove enough energy, it won't be able to cover its retreat cost.

4. Jamming Tower(153/167)

Interference Tower Pokémon Card.

Jammer Tower (100/101) Pokémon card.

Alongside the Festival Court cards, the Jammer Tower is one of the best Court cards in Twilight Masquerade. Its ability is almost like the ACE SPEC ability in that it is very powerful and can disrupt the game.

Using Disruption Taka means that Pokémon Tools attached to any Pokémon in the match will no longer have any effect. This does affect your own Pokémon, but it's well worth playing as it prevents your opponent from using tools like handheld fans.

5.Ogre's Mask(159/167)

Ogre's Mask Pokémon Trainer Card.

Ogre's Mask (159/167) Pokémon card.

Twilight Masquerade is a very Ogpen-esque expansion pack that offers a number of powerful cards featuring masked Pokémon.

This card works perfectly with any Ogerpon card in the set, allowing the user to select any discarded Ogerpon ex card (such as Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex or Teal Mask Ogerpon ex) and swap it with the Ogerpon ex card currently in use.

This is extremely powerful and can give discarded Ogponce a second chance in combat. A rejuvenated Ogpong retains any attached cards, but also retains any damage counters or special conditions.

6. Lucky Helmet(158/167)

Lucky Helmet Pokémon Card.

Lucky Helmet (158/167) Pokémon Card.

The first version of the Lucky Helmet card can be found in the game's Ancient Origins expansion set for the Pokemon X & Y era. This is an older card, but that doesn't mean it's easy to overlook or leave out of your deck.

When a Pokémon with the Lucky Helmet Tool appears in your active location, the damage status appears. When your Pokémon wearing the Lucky Helmet takes damage from your opponent's attack, you can draw two cards, even if the Pokémon is knocked down.

Lucky Helmet is a very useful tool for decks that need to find specific cards to set up quickly. It enables rapid evolution and strategic opening.

7. Insect catching suit(143/167)

Bug Catching Set Pokémon Cards.

Bug Catching Set (143/167) Pokémon Card.

This is a card we saw during the Twilight Masquerade pre-release event. This expansion is very focused on Grass types, so Bug Catcher Set item cards are very handy when playing.

This handy item allows you to view the top 7 cards of your deck, revealing up to 2 Grass-type Pokémon or Grass Energy in the process. You add these cards to your hand, and then you must shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

8. Chef(147/167)

Cooking Pokémon Cards.

Chef (058/066) Pokémon Card.

The Cook Card is a deceptively simple card that allows players to heal 70 health points of damage from an active Pokémon. It's not a particularly new card, originating from the Sword and Shield era a few years ago, but it's an effective supporter in tricky lineups.

While Cook can't mitigate the effects of a one-hit knockout like a card like Ogre Mask can theoretically do, it can help minimize your opponent's damage output that relies on damage counters and ensure your Pokémon stays alive for a long time. as long as possible.


Hassel Pokemon Card.

Hassel (124/101) Pokémon card.

Several Pokémon Trainer cards in Twilight Masquerade rely on your Pokémon being knocked down initially, and this is one of the best. This is situational, but it can help you recover quickly if you lose your active Pokémon.

Assuming your Pokémon was knocked down during your opponent's last turn, playing this card allows you to look at the top 8 cards in your deck, draw 3 of them, and shuffle the rest back into your in the deck. Cards with this ability act as a reset button, which can be very useful in tricky matches.

10.Love Ball(156/167)

Love Ball Pokémon Card.

Love Ball (058/066) Pokémon card.

The Mega Ball Trainer card is often considered one of the best Ball cards in the game, but this Love Ball card is arguably more useful – especially when you end up playing against an opponent who uses the same Pokémon as you.

The Love Ball card means you can search your deck for a Pokémon with the same name as a “monster” in your opponent's game. Then you have to reveal it, place it in your hand, and shuffle it.

All in all, Twilight Masquerade looks like it will be hosting some meta-changing cards. The trainer cards above are enough on their own to have a significant impact on current decks, but the addition of the new ACE SPEC cards makes this expansion set one worth keeping an eye on for competitive players.

Now, why not take a look at the top chase cards from the upcoming set? As an art collector, there's a lot to be excited about here too, with some amazing Pokemon and trainer cards worth looking out for.

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