Green Bay collector has amassed a beautiful collection of the same Magic: The Gathering card

Green Bay, Wisconsin — A Green Bay man is taking his love of the card game to a whole new level. The man known as “Shi Yudan” shared with CBS 58 News his obsession with his favorite cards, which have turned into a huge collection.

“I've always loved games,” Dan Barnard said. “I'm pretty good at it, but there's a lot of people who are better at it than me.”

Barnard said he served six years in the Air Force Military Police, Security Forces.

“When I first joined the Army, we first started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and we played it the entire time I was in the Army,” he recalled.

After being released from prison, he became a computer programmer.

“One of the guys came back from Gen Con and he said, 'Hey, there's a new card game called Magic: The Gathering, and he brought a bunch of cards, and this was the summer of 1995,'” Barnard added.

Barnard has been hooked on the sport since the mid-1990s.

“It's like two wizards facing off in an arena and they're casting spells on each other,” he explains. “If you reduce their lives from 20 to zero, you win.”

He goes to the Gnome Games store in Green Bay at least once a week to play his favorite games with some of his buddies.

“The Magic community is a very social community and is always willing to help new people,” he said.

It may be a game, but it's serious business. There are literally thousands of officially traded cards. Some are worth as little as a nickel, others as much as $50,000.

“The most I've paid for a card is $4,000,” he said.

For Dan Barnard, there's one card that's worth everything, and it's Stone Rain. He owns nearly 139,000 versions of the same card.

“All it does is destroy the target land; now, the land is what you use to power your spells,” he continued to explain.

He has copies in different languages, beta versions, limited editions, some even autographed by the artist.

“I think there were probably over 100 versions, each with 150 to 300 cards,” he said.

The fascination began in 1997, Barnard said.

“I sort everything by edition and have an accurate count of each piece,” he told CBS 58 News as he pulled out box after box of collectibles.

The idea came about after a friend shared another card from his collection with Barnard.

“He had 130 of them, and I thought, 'I can do better,' … I thought, 'Oh, I can buy a lot of these and they're not very expensive, let's see how many I can buy,' and I never It never stopped,” Barnard said.

The community knew exactly who he was. In fact, to many people, he is known as “Shi Yu Dan”.

“You can hardly find Stone Rain within 50 miles of Green Bay, they just don't have Stone Rain … because of me,” he admits.

He also competed in tournaments. In some cases, he was able to travel across the country.

About nine years ago, I actually became a judge at the championships,” he said.

What may start as a personal challenge may very well quickly gain global recognition.

“I actually contacted Guinness World Records, but it takes about 12 weeks for them to come out,” Barnard said.

Currently, “Shi Yudan” has no plans to stop collecting his favorite cards.

“As long as I can and am able, I will continue, I will continue to stockpile them,” he said. “A friend of mine said that when I die, what we should do is that all the good and all the more expensive things will go to my daughter Emma, ​​and they will take whatever is left.” Hundreds of thousands, or by then, who knows, maybe two hundred thousand, and then put them on a big pile and put my body on top and have a big Viking funeral.

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