Korean credit card company creates travel booking portal

South Korean credit card issuer Lotte Card is the latest financial institution to create a travel booking portal for its cardholders.

Solutions on the “Digi-LOCA” app will provide flight, accommodation and car rental services and are powered by Hopper Technology Solutions (HTS).

“The collaboration between HTS and Rakuten Card is ideally suited to create curated and highly personalized travel products for millions of cardholders,” said Dakota Smith, CEO of HTS. “HTS's leading travel technology will enable Rakuten Card to compete with today's Some vertical industries and products create synergistic effects.”

HTS is the B2B division of global travel platform Hopper. HTS currently accounts for two-thirds of Hopper's business, reaching millions of travelers around the world. In February this year, the company partnered with AirAsia MOVE to provide its passengers with a “cancel for any reason” service. Other HTS partners include Air Canada, Trip.com, Amadeus, NuBank and Uber.

Founded in 2002, Lotte Card is South Korea's leading credit card company, with 9.35 million members and approximately 3.13 million affiliated merchants.

James Cho, CEO of Rakuten Card, said: “I am delighted to enter into a partnership with HTS, which has extensive experience in providing global travel services and various financial technology basic assistance. Through strong cooperation, we will create a digital platform Provide customers with the best travel experience and maximize their enjoyment of travel.

Over the past few years, financial institutions, including banks and credit card companies, have launched a series of activities to increase travel booking services for their customers.

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