Rumor: GameStop Buying/Selling Leveled Pokémon Cards (Updated)

GameStop has been losing ground for more than a decade, with many players deciding to buy a physical version online or go all-digital. GameStop has tried various tricks and strategies to get people back into stores, and rumors suggest their next plan will launch sometime next week.

While it has not been officially confirmed by GameStop, many GameStop employees say the retailer will begin buying and selling graded Pokémon Trading Card Game cards. The program is said to launch next week at select GameStop locations before expanding nationwide.

Polygon spoke with a number of GameStop locations, and they say the company has indeed informed them of its upcoming plans. In addition, these local representatives stated that only cards graded by the Professional Sports Authority (PSA) are eligible, and the cards must be graded an 8 or higher on the PSA 10-point scale. Last but not least, cards worth more than $500 will not be accepted.

Later in the program, GameStop will reportedly sell the cards through its website. If you're looking to pick up some cheaper cards, GameStop will apparently also be selling Pokémon TCG singles, starting at $1 for holo and reverse holo.

renew: This rumor has now been confirmed, with GameStop officially launching the plan. The GameStop website now has a page giving customers all the details they need to take part in the program, and if you'd like to find out more about what's on offer you can read the full details here .

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