Twilight Masquerade is a Pokémon card set specially created for video game fans

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It's always an exciting time for the Pokemon community when a new expansion pack is released or a product is released. As of this writing, Twilight Masquerade is just days away from being released, and it's already proving to be a hot topic among Pokémon fans.

The series has been relatively divisive so far, especially compared to newer series like Paldean Fates or 151. ”’s conflicting nature and why it seems to divide communities.

Some Pokémon card collectors are confused by Twilight Masquerade, and even worried that it might be a disappointing set. Others are excited to get their hands on the latest Chase cards and build new decks with them, anxiously awaiting the day of official release.

The original poster reached out to the community to ask how they felt about Twilight Masquerade, noting that they “saw a lot of hate in the scene.” Reactions have been mixed.

Some readers chimed in on the specific cards they were looking for, describing Twilight Masquerade as a set with one or two good cards and a handful of trash. One collector noted: “The only card in the set that I remotely care about is the Greninja SIR. I would buy it separately and save a lot of money.”

Other cards to get players excited include the duo of Perrin and Hisuian Growlithe, and the illustrated rare cards of Pinsir and Eevee. The prices of some cards from Twilight Masquerade may rise rapidly in the coming weeks.

One player tried to counter the naysayers, saying: “I feel like the main reason it's been snubbed is that a lot of people in the TCG community haven't played the Kitakami DLC that the series is based on.”

Of all the recent Pokemon TCG sets, Twilight Masquerade has some of the clearest themes and connections to the Pokemon video games. Chronoforce pays homage to Scarlet and Violet, but Twilight Masquerade deftly inherits the lore and aesthetics of Up North, as well as the setting aesthetics and Pokémon abilities.

Zone Zero DLC Pokémon art featuring characters and Pokémon at the festival.

Official artwork for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – The Teal Mask DLC.

Series like Paldean Fates and 151 feel like fan service for TCG players – but in a good way. These sets satisfy Pokémon card collectors' desire for new expansion sets, such as shiny Pokémon, beautiful full artwork, and powerful attacks, without getting much recognition from video games.

Both Twilight Masquerade and the recently announced Mysterious Fable are more in line with the current generation of Pokemon video games, leaning more toward lore and storytelling than previous expansions. As the Reddit commenter above points out, TCG fans may be less excited about the set as a result.

But that's not to say that the upcoming series won't have anything TCG players should be excited about. There are some very powerful trainer cards to look forward to, as well as some heavyweight cards like Ex-Fountain Mask Ogpon and Ex-Dragon Dragon, which could be Charizard Slayers.

If you're not already interested in Twilight Masquerade, be sure to check out our expansion guide.This set will be May 24, 2024 It promises to be one of the most impactful Pokemon TCG releases of the year.

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