Card-en-Ciel will launch on October 24th – Gematsu

In Japan, physical version sky card It will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Switch. The standard version is priced at 4,950 yen, and the limited edition is priced at 10,890 yen. The latter includes a copy of the game, art book, three soundtrack CDs and an acrylic Ancie keychain.Both the standard and limited edition physical editions will include the recently announced Divine Generator Flamefrit As a bonus.

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■A card battle role-playing game that travels through the gaming era

Today, Inti Creates announced a release date for their Roguelite card battle RPG game, October 24, 2024. sky card. Alongside this announcement, they also released a new trailer detailing the new game's gameplay.

sky card Neon is a game detective who collects and battles with over 300 cards in a deck-building RPG adventure. Players will adventure through more than 10 different dungeons, earning character cards to strengthen their decks and unlock new technologies for use in the ever-expanding Roguelite card battles.

Special “Musca” adds another layer to card battles, activating powerful abilities with songs during battle, and 50 vocal tracks are included in the game.

Along with Muse's song abilities, players will use hidden card “glitches” and even enemy attacks against them to create satisfying full-power combos with their unique decks.

sky card
sky card

■ Games in the universe become a reality! Divine Generator Flamefrit

Inti Creates is turning fantasy into reality, creating a playable version of the game sky card!Stay tuned for more details Divine Generator Flamefrit!

about Divine Generator Flamefrit

Divine Generator Flamefrit It is a 2D action game imitating the popular robot anime style of the 90s.

Divine Generator Flamefrit is a 2D action animation that pays homage to 90s fantasy and robot animation. Players will play the role of Yuuto Hino (voiced by Konami Yoshida), a young man summoned from another world, and adventure in the fantasy world from a top-down perspective.

When he encounters a boss fight, the gameplay switches to first-person action on his robot sidekick Flamefrit (voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi in Japanese).

■ Story

In the world of the “fully submersible” virtual reality game “Rust Tactics”, characters from other video games have begun to appear and have a will of their own. When development team member Ancie asks for help, Neon, the “gaming chair detective,” springs into action to unravel the mysteries of the digital world.

Adventure in a game turned into a dungeon, meet heroes and heroines, make friends and save the game world!

“It's time for a prism show!”

sky card
sky card
sky card

■ Characters

neon (English voiced by Aleks Le, Japanese voiced by Tomohiro Oono)

sky card

A talented hacker who solves crimes that occur in a fully immersive virtual reality world, also known as the “Gaming Chair Detective.”

When he accepts Ancie's request to help her in the world of Rust Tactics, he discovers seemingly sentient characters from other games, launching an adventure that spans the game's multiverse.

anxi (English voiced by Christina Vee, Japanese voiced by Ruriko Noguchi)

sky card

A developer at Helios Interactive, the makers of Rust Tactics, turned to Neon for help when an incident occurred in the game world.

Ancie supports Neon's dungeon crawling in a variety of ways, such as analyzing enemy profiles to create cards.

■ Game overview

Delve deep into the Roguelite virtual dungeon

Roam freely through each dungeon and conquer it at your own pace. Defeating each enemy adds a powerful new ally to your deck, but when you're ready for a fight, you'll be able to skip combat and run directly to the boss.

The number of turns you take in the dungeon will determine your score, so when your goal is to get the highest score, be quick!

When you enter a normal dungeon, your deck will be reset, allowing you to try new strategies each time. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the cards you collected in the dungeon!

You can take collected cards into dungeons to serve as aces in critical moments, and unlock special Armageddon dungeons as you play.

sky card
sky card
sky card

Each card has its own role

sky card Includes over 300 different cards featuring characters from across the universe of video games, each with their own personality.

Each card has full voice lines, from the first time you obtain it to the time you use their special abilities in battle. They'll even react when you do something good or get into trouble, and talk to their friends and foes at their leisure! The characters on the cards come to life thanks to the Connected Etudes system. sky card.

In addition to game characters from the universe, game characters from Inti Creates also appear on the cards!

sky card
sky card
sky card

Powerful Muse provides support through 50 unique songs

When you meet their demands, special cards featuring the character “Muse” will begin singing in battle, providing powerful effects on top of your normal card abilities.

The songs of the Muses are just like the featured songs in their respective games, full of era style! It contains 50 songs, from the opening theme song to the ending song to the passionate battle songs.

You can bring multiple muses into battle, and when you meet their conditions, their songs swap, keeping the action lively.

sky card
sky card
sky card

Enjoy the full story

The story unfolds in more than 10 dungeons, each with its own unique encounters, collectible cards, and new song muse.

Your dungeon crawl culminates in a challenging boss battle against the heroes and heroines of the featured game world, with plot twists that are tied to the game itself.

After clearing a dungeon, you'll gain access to 10 additional difficulty settings. These difficulty modes not only enhance the abilities of your enemies, but also add new rules that you can even use to fight stronger enemies.

In addition to story mode, you can compete with other players in real-time player versus player battles, or challenge daily dungeons to rank on the online leaderboards!

sky card
sky card
sky card

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