Nearly 2,000 cereal boxes donated to Las Vegas elementary school's Domino Challenge

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – CCSD students are on summer break and school is officially out.

But while not having to go to school for the next two months is great, it can be difficult for some families.

While some children are able to get most of their meals at school, the staff and students at Whitney Elementary School welcomed summer in a unique way.

On Monday, the elementary school held its own cereal box domino challenge and it's going viral. This is a challenge. Paul Beauparant, who works closely with students, organized the event with help from Findlay Automotive.

“Jessie from Findlay Landover sent me a video and it went viral and I said, 'Hey, is this something we can do at Whitney?'” he said.

Beauparlant and Findlay's staff got to work. Together, they were able to donate approximately 2,000 cereal boxes to make this challenge a reality.

All 1,900 boxes were knocked down in two minutes.

Once all the boxes were knocked down, each student got four boxes to take home for the summer.

“I love Chex Mix and was going to buy frosted flakes for my mom and me and my brothers,” said Karmin, a fifth-grader.

As FOX5 previously reported, the school has its own food pantry for students and their families.

“Everyone needs a little bit of help right now. If we can give them a little bit of help, why not do it,” Bhopalan said.

With the pantry closed over the summer, principal Melissa Rome knew this wasn't just a fun challenge, but a necessary one.

“Our parents always ask us if we need anything,” Roem said. “We all know that our grocery bills are going up this year, which is hitting our communities hard.”

Difficulties do not mean families are alone. Rohm said this is the first year he has done the challenge, but he may make it an annual tradition on the last day of school.

Mr. Findlay is also a major donor to the school, delivering groceries to the school's food pantry each month.

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