Seoul launches new short-term transit pass to give tourists unlimited travel

South Korea's capital, Seoul, is a tourist magnet, attracting millions of tourists every year. By promoting smooth travel in Seoul through the use of transit passes, also known as climate cards, the city has become more tourist-friendly. Starting in July, this all-inclusive transportation card will provide convenient short-term use of subway, bus and public bicycle services.

These new short-term passes are valid for one, two, three and five days and provide unlimited travel on Seoul’s mass transit. The official South Korean government website revealed that these cards will be available for purchase from July 1, 2024.

Seoul Transport Pass: Everything you need to know about the new short-term climate card

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The tourist-friendly climate card is a more cost-effective alternative to the current cash-only daily passes offered by the T-Money app to foreign visitors, with a one-day price of 15,000 won (about $11). Currently, the climate card is only available to long-term users and costs 65,000 won (approximately US$47), which provides unlimited travel on public transportation.

By October, the card's services will be expanded to water bus services such as Han River Bus. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide instructions for using the card in multiple languages, including English, to help travelers easily understand and explore the city.

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Where to buy Seoul Transportation Card

The climate card can be purchased at the tourist information center inside the Seoul Tourism Plaza in Cheonggyechon-ro, Jongno-gu, Myeongdong-gu, the customer service center at subway stations on Lines 1-8, and convenience stores near the stations. These cards can be topped up at stations.

Seoul Transit Pass: How much does it cost?

Climate Cards are available in two formats: physical and mobile. The physical card costs 3,000 won ($2) and can be loaded with additional amounts. The mobile version is available on the T-Money app.

Short-term climate cards can be used immediately after purchase. Prices are as follows:

  • one day: 5,000 won (approximately US$3)
  • 2 days: 8,000 won (approximately US$5)
  • three days: 10,000 won (approximately US$7)
  • Five days: 15,000 won (approximately US$11)

(All currency conversions were done at the time of writing)

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