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We're halfway through the 2024 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series regular season, as the series heads into NASCAR's virtual backyard at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday night for a $500,000 prize pool and the Dale Earnhardt Jr Cup opportunities are decreasing.

The playoff picture is as fluid as ever, with six different winners in seven games, but only four of those winners are currently eligible based on points standings. Additionally, half of the people who qualify may drop out because of a bad game night.

Many of the more common names in the series are at the front, while some surprising names are also at the back. If we graded these drivers based on their performance to date, what would that look like on a race-based results sheet? Let's take a look at how the 40 best eNASCAR drivers fared at the halfway point.

beyond expectation

At the top of the leaderboard, in terms of wins and points, you'll find reigning eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series champion, M80's Steven Wilson. From Bacon to The Bomb Squad, Wilson didn't miss a step in his pursuit of a second consecutive championship. In a perfect world, Wilson might have five wins at this point, with Daytona, Las Vegas and Brands Hatch all out of his grasp. Now, Wilson is setting the world on fire, but behind him there are several riders ready to pounce.

The other current points-safe winner is Joe Gibbs Racing’s Bobby Zalenski. The Battle of Brands Hatch left Wilson bruised and battered, while Bobby Z climbed all the way to the top of the victory list. This race could have gone to Zalenski, Wilson or even Kanaan Esports' Vicente Salas, but eNASCAR's road course king pulled off another road course victory. Speaking of Salas, his fourth season is arguably his best yet, even though he's yet to record a win. The eNASCAR Contender iRacing Series champion has continued that pace with solid results into the 2024 season, and as it stands, Salas is second in the standings behind Wilson.

William Byron Esports' Tucker Minter didn't get off to the best start in his second season, but after a few early flops he's found success at Richmond, Brands Hatch, Dover and Talladega picked up the pace with near-perfect results. Minter has been in the lead the past four games, although there isn't a win that would almost clinch a playoff berth. Charlotte could be his night to turn things around. He will have to compete with his company teammate Nick Ottinger for that honor, though. Ortibos are perennial favorites and currently sit third in the standings but are short of a win. While he's still having a solid season against many others, this finish will be slightly lower than where he was a season ago, when he already had three top-five finishes.

above average

Many drivers will be entering their professional seasons in 2024, and leading the charge will be new Williams Esports driver Parker White for 2024. Currently fourth in the standings, White has improved his pace in the group and even secured false pole position at Brands Hatch. His slightly mediocre average results compared to his peers near the top of the list haven't put the second-year driver over the top so far, but he's on the cusp of becoming one of the elite riders this season. His teammate Donovan Strauss has maintained the same pace through the first seven races and is even more impressive. However, Donny has been bitten multiple times, including the most recent race at Talladega where he lost connection to the server and finished 35th. Strauss also had a true pole position at Dover, where he finished third. Strauss is ninth in the standings and could become a threat as the season progresses.

Two past champions, Spire Motorsports' Casey Kirwan and OXYGEN Esports' Zack Novak, are in good positions halfway through the regular season. Neither won, but Kirwan does have some playoff points — if he makes it — to win the first leg of the standings. Novak, meanwhile, has been on-again, off-again on his resurgence and return to eNASCAR winning ways. He did pick up a crucial win at Contenders, and after lingering in victory lane throughout 2022, Novak could rebound. Kirwan, meanwhile, fell into a bit of a slump after the first period. Going from first to now seventh, a win at a track he came close to winning last season could make up for the recent decline.

Speaking of Contender championships, it's been a breakout season for JR Motorsports' Kaden Honeycutt. The full-time eNASCAR driver regularly competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, and has Contender Series wins in Las Vegas and Texas. Now in his third season in the top flight, he has burst into the conversation as a threat week in and week out and nearly pulled off a victory at Dover. His teammate Briar LaPradd also showed some talent during the year, although his results don't tell the full story yet. Laprade, who is part of the Conti Racing backend alliance with Oettinger and two Kevin Harvick Co. drivers, Jimmy Mullis and Matt Bussa, is better than his first in 2022 The season was much better.

We could also put Mullis and Bussa in this category, as well as Joe Gibbs Racing's Daniel Faulkingham and Kanaan Esports' Kollin Keister. All four drivers have been in the top half every week and their points tally is a testament to their speed.

Standards compliant

There were three competition winners in the mid-range category. Daytona champion Wyatt Tinsley (QuikTrip Pioneers Gaming), Atlanta champion Malik Ray (Spire Motorsports) and Talladega champion Dylan Duval (Nitro Circus Sim Racing) all had the wins they need to contend for the championship in 2024, but they didn’t quite There are enough points to ensure this happens in just over two months. Tinsley and Duvall are tied for 18th place at 135 points, just eight points ahead of 21st-placed Ray, who is on the other side of the cut line. Granted, Malik in particular gave up 34 points in penalties at Daytona, so his speed would put him in what I would consider above-average territory, but alas, those points could be a potential post-season decisive factor in the game.

Three drivers who all participated in the playoffs last season, Garrett Lowe and Jordy Lopez, two BS+COMPETITION drivers, and 23XI’s Michael Guest ( Michael Guest), are teetering on the line to advance to the top 20. On the other hand, fgrAccel eRacing's Garrett Manes is on an upward trend and has finished in the top 20 in all three seasons he's competed in, so it's not like he can beat any of them impossible.

For the three winners, points will be crucial in ensuring better results later in the season. For those who don't win, they need to at least defend their score to stay above a passing grade.

below passing grade

After seven games, anyone below the promotion line in the top 20 will need to strategize to get above it, not only to avoid relegation later in the year, but to take advantage of the opportunity should they be able to win. Former champion Keegan Leahy of 23XI is one rider who has already won but is now powerless to do anything. Things have been going downhill for the 2021 series champion since his win in Las Vegas. He leads the points tally after two races. Now he is 28 years old. The former champions need to regroup and get back on track to not only make the playoffs but stay away from the threat of relegation.

There are a few other surprising names below the cut so far. M80's Ryan Luza, Front Row Motorsports' Michael Cosey Jr, and QuikTrip Pioneers Gaming's Graham Bowlin are all good drivers we know – Luza is a 2017 champion, Bowlin is a multiple-time winner, and Cosey Jr had a stellar rookie season in 2017 outstanding. Minimizing this would be a good start for all three of them. Corsi had his shining moments at Richmond, winning pole position and the heats, but otherwise it was a slog. Corsi's teammate Darik Bourdeau, also a former champion of the series, is in the same position in the standings as he was a season ago. He did come close to winning in Atlanta, but that was the only highlight of his season.

Rookie Seth DeMerchant (fgrAccel eRacing) is the best among rookies this season, 18 points ahead of Nitro Circus Sim Racing's Matthew Zwack. Blame it on a lack of experience in this series, but Demerchant had some impressive moments, but they didn't lead to decent results. So does Zwark. The potential is there but they need to execute and get results.

needs improvement

Others not mentioned are in danger of letting their seasons slip away with no chance of redemption, and there are some surprising names among them. Among them are some former champions such as Taylor Hurst of Team Dillon Esports, Femi Olatunbosun of OXYGEN Esports and Cody Byus of the Pittsburgh Knights. BYU came close to winning in Las Vegas, but everything else outside of that game has yet to pan out.

RFK Racing drivers Collin Bowden and Timothy Holmes both ranked below 30, as did Letarte esports players Dylan Ault and Quami Scott. Another rider, Ryan Doucette, is also below, as is Jonathon Dulaney, another Dillon rider.

The folks at eRacr didn't have their dream season either. Tyler Garey went from a top-20 player as a rookie to a sharp decline as a sophomore, currently ranked 34th. However, the most famous name below the cut line has to be his teammate and four-time champion Ray Alfalla, the winningest driver in eNASCAR history. There's been no progress in this camp and the multiple-time champion is currently ranked 38th after returning to the series over the winter via Contender.

The good news for Alfa is heading into Charlotte tonight, he's the only driver in the field with multiple wins on the oval. If there was any place to turn, it was here.

Previous eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series winners on the Charlotte Motor Speedway oval:

  • 2010 (1) – Richard Toller
  • 2010 (2) – Brad Davis
  • 2011 – Thomas Azar
  • 2012 – Nick Ottinger
  • 2013 – Joey Brown
  • 2014 – Danny Hansen
  • 2015 – Alex Warren
  • 2016 – Kenny Hamp
  • 2017 – Ray Afala (1)
  • 2018 – Nicholas Shelton
  • 2019 – Keegan Leahy
  • 2020 – Colin Kester
  • 2021 – Ray Afala (2)
  • 2022 – Matt Busa
  • 2023 – Tucker Minter

The battle for the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series championship and the road to the $500,000 purse continues tonight at 8:00 ET (ET) on eNASCAR.com/live. Tune in for the pregame countdown starting at 7:30 pm ET.

For more information about the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, visit eNASCAR.com or iRacing.com/eNASCAR. For more information and special offers on iRacing, visit iRacing.com.

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