Domino effect: 3 European countries recognize Palestinian state

TEHRAN – The decision by three European countries to formally recognize Palestine as a state will lead to a growing sense of isolation for both Israel and the United States, which face growing international pressure over Tel Aviv's brutal onslaught against the Gaza Strip. .

On Wednesday, the leaders of Ireland, Spain and Norway announced that they would formally recognize a Palestinian state on May 28.

These announcements were a coordinated move amid Israel's genocidal war in Gaza, which began on October 7th. Israel has since massacred more than 35,700 Palestinians, defying international calls for a ceasefire and an end to the brutal war.

There is no peace without recognition

Norway was the first to announce this decision.

“Without recognition there can be no peace in the Middle East,” said the Scandinavian prime minister.

Jonas Gaal added: “By recognizing the Palestinian state, Norway supports the Arab peace plan.” He said Norway considers Palestine an independent state “with all the rights and obligations associated with it.”

historic day for palestine

The Irish First Minister described the move as “a historic and momentous day for Ireland and Palestine”.

Simon Harris said the aim was to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state solution.

He added that other countries would recognise the Palestinian state “within weeks.”

Since 1988, 139 of the 193 United Nations member states have recognized the Palestinian state.

Sanchez slams Prime Minister Netanyahu

“We will recognize Palestine for many reasons, but they can be summed up in three words: peace, justice and consistency,” the Spanish prime minister said in a speech to parliament in Madrid.
“We must ensure that the two-state solution is respected and mutual security is guaranteed,” Pedro Sánchez said.

He also fiercely attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel's massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to turn a blind eye, bombing hospitals, schools and homes. He continues to punish over a million innocent boys and girls through hunger, cold and fear. Things got so bad that this week, prosecutors at the International Criminal Court called for his arrest on war crimes charges.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of presiding over the massacre in the Gaza Strip and reiterated his call for a ceasefire.Sanchez was referring to comments by ICC prosecutor Karim Khan on Monday.

Khan said he had applied for arrest warrants for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Army Minister Yoav Galant, citing their responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip over the past seven months.

Earlier this month, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution supporting Palestine's full membership in the United Nations.

But last month, the United States vetoed a widely supported Security Council resolution that would have paved the way for Palestine to become fully a member of the United Nations. The United States was the only country to block the resolution; Britain and Switzerland abstained, but 12 other countries voted in favor. The U.S. move put a spotlight on America's growing global isolation over its unwavering support for Israel.

The United States says it supports the idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state. However, it says that Palestinian independence must be achieved as part of negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Nevertheless, Israel opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state. Leaked Israeli documents show that after the outbreak of the Gaza War, Israel sought to forcibly relocate Gaza residents to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

US-mediated negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that led to the signing of the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s did not result in the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Since then, Israel has used the peace talks as a smokescreen to expand its illegal settlements and grab more Palestinian land.

It is clear that negotiations will only help Israel carry out its ethnic cleansing program in the Palestinian territories.

Current recognition of Palestine by Spain, Norway and Ireland is rooted in Palestinian resistance to Israel amid the regime's genocidal war in Gaza and deadly attacks in the West Bank.

Palestinian resistance has certainly helped amplify the voices of those fighting against Israeli oppression and oppression.

By sharing their stories and struggles, the Palestinian resistance movement has inspired widespread solidarity and outrage, inspiring people around the world to take action against Israeli brutality and oppression, as manifested in the global pro-Palestinian protests.

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