Ermes partners with Zwipe to distribute biometric access cards

Ermes, a company specializing in identification and security solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with Zwipe.

Zwipe is known as a developer of identification, access control, and payment card biometrics technologies. Under the agreement, Ermes will distribute Zwipe's biometric access cards in Italy. Zwipe Access cards use biometric capture and matching technology to provide an additional layer of security by securely storing the cardholder’s encrypted fingerprint template directly on the card’s smart chip during the issuance process.

Ermes has placed an initial order for a Zwipe Access demonstration kit, which will be used to demonstrate the technology to potential end users. Representatives from Ermes said the biometric solution can verify cardholder identity without requiring changes to existing infrastructure, making it suitable for larger companies that require enhanced access security. Zwipe representatives emphasized that the company aims to strengthen its presence in the Italian security market through this partnership.

Founded in 2005, the company began by distributing thermal card printers and later expanded into providing identification and security solutions. The company emphasizes flexibility to meet customers' specific needs, including budget considerations and product customization.

Zwipe, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, focuses on developing biometric card technology for payments, access control and identification solutions. The company aims to ensure secure and convenient solutions through its innovative biometric products and services.

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