Our MTG Modern Horizons 3 spoiler card holds so many snakes

There are only a few weeks left until the show, Modern Times 3 spoilers The season has arrived and we're excited to share our own preview cards with the masses. For any snake supporter, any fang fan, this creature is a familiar sight. This is a reprint of a rare card that can't get enough of Dangerous Noodles… although its pet-raising skill leaves a lot to be desired.

That card is Ophiomancer, which was officially reprinted for the second time in Modern Horizons 3 and is now legal for the first time in Magic: The Gathering Modern. This three-mana shaman spits out snake tokens with deathtouch, and it can spit out one snake token per upkeep step as long as you have a sacrifice outlet to feed them.

MTG Modern Vision 3 Snake King

Originally released in Commander 2013, along with MTG Commander Prosh, Kherr's Skyraider, Ophiomancer is perfect for EDH decks running Noble strategies. It's particularly popular in monochrome black, as this MTG color has a large number of pouch outlets and cards with death triggers, but relatively few reliable token makers.

As such, it's almost an automatic inclusion in sacrifice-heavy black decks like Braid, Awakening Nightmare or Yawgmoth, Doctor Thran. With four snakes per turn, there's nothing to complain about.

An odd piece of trivia is that this card hasn't had an official token in nine years. There just isn't a 1/1 Black Snake with Deathtouch made by Wizards – you'll have to make your own or make do.

Dr. MTG Kayogmoov Seran

With only a handful of cards from the set revealed (at least officially), we're not going to make any wild attempts to guess what Modern will look like a month from now. Perusing the existing prototypes, there is only one possible Make full use of the Snake Warlock, and that's – surprise, surprise, Yawgmoth.

MTG Modern Horizon 3 Card Reliquary White

After all, Yawgmoth likes to have expendable tokens, and if your Snake Mage can survive a turn, you can get three corpses from a single card. The problem is, there are so many competitors for Snake Mage, and Modern Horizons 3 just seems to bring more great Golgari options, from Reliquary White to the new Grist Planeswalker.

Ultimately, we have to admit that our shamans are inferior snake makers – at least for Modern – compared to the poisonous vizier Hapatra who can wipe out the entire board in one hit.

MTG Ka Poison Harpa Travizier

Regardless of whether there are any modern shows in the future, a Snake King reprint is never a bad thing. Although released with new art in Commander Collection: Black, Ophiomancer's only major series reprint is in Jumpstart 2022.

Prior to this, due to low supply, the card was vulnerable to price spikes, with its price skyrocketing to $30 every time a new combo or synergy emerged.

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