White Plains Woman Arrested for Stealing Pre-Paid Credit Cards, Shoplifter Agrees to do Community Service

White Plains Woman Arrested for Stealing Pre-Paid Credit Cards, Shoplifter Agrees to do Community Service

diamondringArrested: On May 14, police arrested Susan J. Kanchewa, 32, of White Plains, on charges of fourth-degree credit card larceny. She is accused of stealing two pre-paid credit cards, in excess of $400, from a Popham Road resident. Following her arrest, Kanchewa was released on her own recognizance and ordered to return to Village Justice Court on May 22.

Identity theft and scams
On May 13, an 88-year-old Popham Road resident reported being scammed out of $69,000, which she wired to an unknown person.

On May 13, a Berkeley Road woman advised that someone fraudulently used her credit card. She did not want to create a formal report.

On May 16, a Madison Road man reported that someone fraudulently opened a small business administration loan in his name.

On May 17, a Kingston Road woman reported someone opened a fraudulent credit card in her name.

On May 15, a Yonkers woman reported that someone stole her wallet out of her unattended vehicle parked on Meadow Road the previous day.

A Crossway resident reported packages were stolen from outside his house on May 14 and 17.

On May 19, a Spencer Place storeowner reported a customer had engaged in shoplifting. According to the owner, a female entered the store and proceeded to the clothing section. She entered the dressing room and tried on multiple items of clothing. Afterward, she left the store without purchasing anything. The store clerk, upon inspecting the dressing room, noticed that two items were missing. One of the store workers recognized the individual and provided her pedigree to police. The storeowner contacted the parents of the shoplifter and informed them about the incident. After the phone call, the parents made contact with their daughter, who returned to the store voluntarily to return the stolen clothes. The storeowner and the shoplifter reached an agreement to resolve the incident in a manner that did not involve pressing charges. Both parties agreed that the shoplifter would carry out community service activities in the village. The shoplifter displayed remorse for her actions and expressed sincere apologies. She assured the storeowner that she would never engage in shoplifting again.

Attempted burglary
A Walworth Avenue woman reported her house’s side window was found to be smashed, suggesting an attempted burglary, May 14.

On May 14, a 95-year-old Saxon Wood Road woman died at home. Her death was reported to police by an aide.

On May 13, a Meadow Road woman reported that an unknown male was on her property. She supplied patrol with video from her security system. Patrol observed a white, middle aged man, wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, park his white SUV in front of her house, walk up to the front door, ring the door bell and move a garden decoration. The unknown man then proceeded to leave the house and drive away. Later that day, a caller from Old Lyme Road reported that a man matching the same description was outside her house, knocking on her door and yelling incoherently. She believed he was yelling about a political sign posted in her yard. The man then left the location in his car. Police eventually tracked down the man and spoke with him through an interpreter because the man was deaf. Patrol advised him to not to return to the area and knock on doors. He agreed.

A man lying on the sidewalk at Palmer Avenue and Heathcote Road reported he was waiting for the buses to start running. It was 3:30 a.m., May 19.

On May 17, a Canterbury Road woman reported her neighbor’s house looked different, and she was concerned. She said she could not tell if the front door was open, but she could see a bright light shining out the front door that she had never seen before. Upon arrival, police observed the doors and windows of the house to be secure. Lights were on inside the house and could be seen through shades, which were partially drawn. No sign of suspicious activity was observed.

Police stood by while Con Edison shut the gas service at a Chase Road restaurant May 15.

Civil matter
On May 17, a Sheldrake Road man reported his neighbor’s landscaper removed a fence from his property without permission. Police advised it was a civil matter.

Cars and roadways
Police assisted a driver unlock her steering wheel so she could start and move her car from East Parkway May 13.

On May 13, police advised firefighters and the water department of a leaking fire hydrant on Brewster Road.

A caller reported occupants of a parked Audi, on White Road, smoking a bong and talking very loudly May 14. The car was already gone when police arrived.

Police discovered a parked car with scofflaw status, due to $1,454 in unpaid parking tickets, parked on Chase Road, May 14. Police towed to car to an impound lot.

Police helped a driver move a disabled car onto Mohican Trail to wait for roadside assistance May 14.

Police helped an Uber driver on Sherbrooke Road find the correct address from which to pick up a passenger May 14.

On May 14, police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire over Bypass.

On May 16, police conducted traffic around a disabled car awaiting a tow at Weaver Street and Stratton Road.

Police helped move fallen branches from Tompkins Road while the homeowner was waiting for a tree removal service to respond May 17.

While conducting a check of the Audrey Hochberg Pond Preserve, police observed a $100,00 2014 Porsche sedan pass by in excess of the posted speed limit. Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on Church Lane. The 17-year-old driver was unable to produce any registration documents. A computer check of the registration plate showed that the registration expired in March and was suspended on May 13. Duty tow responded, removed the vehicle from the roadway and returned it to the owner’s residence. The registration plate was removed from the vehicle and vouchered for safekeeping. Multiple summonses were issued to the operator.

Police removed glass from Church Lane and Colonial Road May 18.

A car was parked facing the wrong direction on Brewster Road May 18. Police issued a ticket.

Multiple summonses were issued to the driver of a car bearing an expired inspection sticker, which was pulled over on Post Road May 19.
Four car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

On May 17, a Ferncliff Road woman advised that a neighbor’s dog got loose and chased her. The dog was allegedly promptly recovered by a family member, and at no point, did the dog bite any humans or animals. Police spoke with the owner about Village code regarding dogs at large and the consequences of the dog being loose and potentially biting someone. The owner was very receptive to different suggestions, including the use of a muzzle and leashes and collars designed for more secure control of a dog. The owner inquired about other solutions to keep the neighborhood and her dog safe. Additionally, she advised that she would email copies of the dog license and up to date vaccine records. The family will be out of the country for approximately the next two weeks and the dog will be watched by an individual who is familiar with the pet, the owner said. Police suggested that the dog be walked at times when there is less of chance of interacting with other pedestrians and other animals to lessen chances of a negative incident. While on scene, police did not hear the dog barking or displaying any aggressive behavior.

On May 19, police spoke with a Coralyn Road dog owner about noise complaints regarding her dog’s barking. She apologized and said the dog was on medication and going to a trainer to curb the barking.

Village code
Police removed illegally posted signs from the Village right of way on Crossway, Sage Terrace, Gorham Court, Weaver Street, McDonald Place, Birchall Drive, Rugby Lane and Cambridge, Lincoln, Franklin, Brayton, Swarthmore, Gatehouse, Secor, Ramsey, Stonehouse, Claremont, Webster, Brewster, Richbell, Meadow, Burgess, Cayuga, Autenreith, Fox Meadow, and Cushman roads May 13. Summonses were issued as appropriate.

Police removed illegally posted signs from the Village right of way on Morris Lane, Huntington Avenue, and Heathcote, Catherine, Boulder Brook, and Mamaroneck roads May 14. Summonses were issued as appropriate.

Lost and found
On May 15, a Mamaroneck Road woman reported losing her diamond wedding ring somewhere in the Village within the past two weeks.

Firefighters informed the water department of leaking hydrants on Elm Road and Brewster Road May 13.

Firefighters helped a locked-out Johnson Road resident get back in the house May 13.

A Catherine Road resident asked firefighters to check the attic of her house to help find her cat that had been missing for four days May 13. The cat was not there, but firefighters found evidence that the cat had been there in the past.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Mamaroneck Road May 13.

On May 13, firefighters were called to a Fountain Terrace house for a reported water condition. The resident reported that his steam boiler was leaking in the basement and on the first floor. Firefighters found water leaking from the air vents on the first floor radiators as well as from the vents in the basement. Firefighters assisted the resident with shutting off the water supply to the boiler and draining the system. Firefighters advised the resident to have the heating system assessed by a repair technician prior to using it again and to contact the insurance company to assist with the water remediation.

On May 14, firefighters were called to a Seneca Road house for an activated carbon monoxide alarm. Upon investigation, firefighters observed workers using a portable gas-powered generator directly in front of open garage doors. Workers were preparing the garage floor for an epoxy coating. The workers stated they do not use the household’s electrical service to prevent tripping breakers. Firefighters instructed workers to shut down the generator. A housekeeper, child caregiver, and child had vacated the home upon activation of the alarm. Although the contractors had told the occupants that the alarm was activated due to dust, fire department crews confirmed the presence of carbon monoxide. Firefighters ventilated the house, and carbon monoxide levels returned to normal limits. Firefighters advised the contractor that the generator must be at least 25 feet away from the home when in operation.

Firefighters helped lift a person who had fallen out of bed in the Village May 14.

Firefighters were dispatched to a Chase Road building for a gas odor May 15. The building super gained access to a locked restaurant. Firefighters traced and confirmed source of the gas leak. Gas was leaking from unlit pilot lights in the kitchen ranges. Firefighters shut down valves at the appliance and started ventilation. Gas had migrated to offices above. Con Edison investigated and confirmed that the pilot lights had failed due to excessive cooking grease buildup. The business owner arrived on scene and was being “uncooperative” to shutting down malfunctioning appliances, according to firefighters. Police arrived on scene as a precaution. The owner reported that his stove tech was on the way, to make repairs. Con Edison was willing to wait 30 minutes, but the stove tech did not show up. A Con Edison supervisor ordered that, due to all circumstances, the meter should be locked and tagged out. Con Edison contractors then performed the lockout/tag-out the restaurant’s meter. The stove tech showed up as the shut down was being made. Multiple building occupants had reported to firefighters that this was an ongoing problem. The County Department of Health was notified about excessive grease buildup, problems with kitchen appliances, insects and unsanitary condition in kitchen.

Firefighters helped a Mamaroneck Road resident disconnect a grill from a gas line so it could be disposed of May 15.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Heathcote Road May 16.

Gas-powered equipment being used outside a Walworth Avenue house allowed carbon monoxide to enter the house May 17. Firefighters ventilated the house and advised workers to move the equipment farther away.

Firefighters opened the doors of a stalled elevator in the Depot Place train station building to release one person trapped inside May 18.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak in a Harvest Drive house May 19.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 13-19 has been compiled from official information.

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