International football referees to use new pink cards this summer as rule changes approved

International football referees to use new pink cards this summer as rule changes approved

New Pink Card rules will be implemented this summer.

International football referees will use new pink cards this summer after rule changes were approved.

New rules are proposed every year, but few are actually proposed.

However, fans watching the America's Cup this summer will see referees using pink cards for the first time.

South American soccer's governing body CONMEBOL approved the use of a new rule, with the approval of soccer legislators FIFA.

The tournament will be held in the United States from June 20 to July 14, and organizers will allow referees to issue pink cards as part of a system that provides teams with additional substitutes.

If a head injury or concussion is suspected, a potential sixth substitute may be awarded, requiring the referee or fourth official to be notified and a pink card waved to indicate a special substitution.

Once a concussion substitute comes on, the opposing team will also get an additional substitute according to the rules.

Teams will also have an “extra bench opportunity” that can only be used for extra bench opportunities earned.

Players with suspected concussions will not be able to return to the field after being substituted and will be taken to the locker room or medical center.

The team physician must complete and send to the CONMEBOL Medical Committee a form outlining the details of the concussion evaluation within 24 hours of the game.

IFAB approved permanent concussion replacements back in March.

The new pink card law will officially come into effect on July 1, but the international federation has said that competitions starting before then – such as the America's Cup – can implement the rule earlier.

FIFA continues to delay the introduction of temporary concussion alternatives.

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