The library will partner with the local Domino's for a fundraiser.

Starting May 20th, Strathmore Public Library has partnered with the local Domino's Pizza to launch a fundraiser for the library.

Through June 3, Domino's has two special items on its menu, and $5 from every purchase will be donated to support libraries.

“Our local Domino's representative contacted us in January and said they wanted to support the library in a variety of ways. They provided pizza for our Family Literacy Day event in January.” says Laura Henderson, public services manager at Strathmore Public Library. “Pizza brings people to the event. Food brings people out. Typically, weeknight programs don't have as many participants as other programs…but because we had pizza, we had 80 people at that event. A lot of people came and said we could help in various ways.”

Henderson explained that as libraries strive to implement and execute more programs, more resources are needed to fund such efforts.

With that in mind, she asked Dominos if it could help, and Dominos quickly complied, she said.

“We have two special sales that are exclusive to local stores. It's going to be huge and we'll be running it again in November,” Henderson said.

She added that the goal is to raise $500 to support the library and its programs.

Henderson jokes that library staff often say they are trying to do more with less, so having a little more money here and there could dramatically increase the distance they can cover with additional funding. said.

“I'd really like to use it for some kind of special event where I can offer prizes that are a little more meaningful or impactful. That's kind of what I'm aiming for. ” said Mr. Henderson. “(For example) our Edible Book Day is a big thing that we did in April and it's an annual event. We had to make significant cuts. On that balance, we want to be able to offer all of these programs, so this is a way to do both as much as possible.”

Orders from Strathmore's Domino's Pizza in support of libraries can be placed online, by phone or in person as long as patrons are in their local store.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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