Understanding the France Long-Term Residency Card: Eligibility and Application Insights

We respond to readers' concerns about applying for long-term residency and view MPs' feedback on certificates of life

Pensioners are currently required to submit a paper certificate of life so that the DWP can ensure their pension is paid correctly

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In principle, there is no risk in applying long term residence card Immigration lawyers have clarified if you meet the criteria.

In the worst cases, he said, officials simply reject this “implicitly” and instead renew a residence card a person previously held.

connect He was contacted after a reader asked whether the rejection would affect their status in France.

this long term residence card The main option for non-EU citizens who have lived in France for at least five years resident card To achieve a more secure position that is not dependent on the means or manner in which they make a living (or do not make a living).

The card is valid for 10 years and allows them to apply for jobs without the employer having to obtain a work permit for them.

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The official website says those who qualify should apply two months before their existing card expires, but Alexandre Gillioen, a lawyer from Lyon, said you can apply as long as you qualify.

Criteria include five years of residence without being away for an extended period of time, an income equal to the minimum wage (€1,766.92 gross, €1,398.70 net per month), social integration and passing a French exam if you are under 65 years old.

Even if they were refused, he had not heard of anyone being asked to leave France unless they were deemed “dangerous”.

UK life certificate deemed 'outdated'

The British Pensions Minister believes that the current system of requiring overseas state pensioners to send back paper “certificates of life” to check whether they are still alive “is outdated and needs to be moved to IT solutions”, British MP Roger Gale ( Roger Gale said.

Mr Gale said ensuring the DWP has a valid email address for you may help the process.

A DWP spokesperson said: “DWP will continue to review the operation of the proof of life process, which includes exploring electronic solutions to modernize and improve the process.”

Read more: Will British pensioners in France now have to use a digital life certificate?

The DWP uses certificates of life to ensure pensions are paid correctly to overseas recipients.

Then-pensions minister Laura Trott said last year that the department was “looking at” digital formats, but it was not yet clear whether the paper format would be discontinued entirely, nor did we know when.

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