BFS card automatic detection machine from: Antares Vision

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Antares Vision Group, The company, a leader in traceability and visual inspection solutions, is launching its first automatic inspection machine for blow-fill-seal (BFS) cards. BFS cards' VRI provides 100% detection, providing seamless quality assurance at speeds up to 100 frames per minute.

BFS containers are one of the best-known pharmaceutical packaging types; however, their inspection presents a unique set of challenges due to characteristics such as surface uniformity, shape complexity, variable transparency and opacity, and small size. Antares Vision Group's BFS card machines perform visual inspection, particle detection (reflective and non-reflective), fill level inspection (short wave infrared) and label OCR/OCV verification. When necessary, the device can employ advanced algorithms to effectively detect foreign particles in containers with low fill levels, which pose additional challenges due to their aversion to rotation-centric detection techniques.

Antares Vision Group will showcase its latest technological developments in life sciences at the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 10 to 14.

Leak detection capabilities

Also in Achema, Antares Vision Group will emphasize its strengths in leak detection. For example, the company's Container Closure Integrity Test (CCIT) plays a key role in maintaining the sterility and stability of sterile products and is critical to maintaining critical headspace gas conditions, including those common with freeze-dried products . The company's solutions for this area include Headspace Gas Analysis (HSGA), a fast, reliable and non-destructive analytical method suitable for monitoring gas concentration and pressure measurement in sealed containers. HSGA can be used to detect primary vessel leaks, or as a process analytical technology (PAT) to control aspects of the upstream process (such as excessive humidity).

Antares Vision Group offers visual inspection, CCIT and combined VI and CCIT machines designed specifically for small to large volume BFS containers, as well as solutions for other container types.

Artificial intelligence solution for blister filling control

At ACHEMA, Antares Vision Group will also present a completely redesigned solution Check the medication blister. The Blister Fill Control (BFC) module is equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities and can be easily integrated into common blister production and sealing lines. The system's capabilities enhance inspection of a variety of oral solid dose products within blisters, including situations where low contrast (such as white pills in white packaging) poses inherent challenges. BFC units also facilitate and speed up the formulation of new product formulations.

Weight control

At Achema, Antares Vision Group will also present its new checkweigher range, designed to maximize efficiency and seamless production line integration. These machines perform precise weight control at speeds up to 350 ppm and feature an upper and lower gripping system with stable conveyors. This solution is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and can be equipped with various ejection systems depending on product weight.

Other solutions demonstrated by Antares Vision Group at ACHEMA include:

· Serialization and aggregation techniques: Antares Vision Group’s proven modular solution for managing track and trace compliance, integrating seamlessly with any third-party equipment, and Level 1-4 hardware covering EU-FMD, DSCSA and other regulatory requirements Separate modules for bodies and software.

· Smart customs clearance: A solution environment designed to automate mandatory production line cleaning processes through integrated cameras driven by artificial intelligence, with the goal of improving factory efficiency and productivity.

· Strip packaging layout inspection: A system for verifying the correctness of printed information (including variable data or barcodes), designed for online installation on strip packaging filling machines.

The Antares Vision Group system is part of DIAMIND, an integrated solution ecosystem that connects physical products with digital identities and operates at the production line, factory, warehouse, enterprise and supply chain levels, ensuring product safety through integration and the cloud Quality and end-to-end traceability data management.

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