Domino's Pizza gives away hundreds of free pizzas at FA Cup final

Popular chain Domino's Pizza will be giving away hundreds of delicious free pizzas throughout the FA Cup final.

The terms of the tasty giveaway are specific and only apply to certain Brits in certain stores.

Domino's Pizza is giving away free pizza to Manchester United fans this weekend.Credit: Jam Press/@Domino's
To get the free pizza, fans must wear a red shirt and order a “no-cost pizza.”Credit: Jam Press/@Domino's
The gift is a satirical take on Manchester City's recent financial scandal.Credit: Jam Press/@Domino's

If you're a Manchester United fan and can make it to the Wembley High Road store this Saturday, you might be able to get your hands on one.

However, Domino's is only giving away 115 pizzas in total, so they are likely to sell out quickly.

The gift is a mockery of Manchester United's arch rivals' alleged misconduct after the club was accused of 115 breaches of the Premier League's financial rules.

Ahead of the FA Cup final derby, pizza will only be served in blue boxes.

The offer is only open to fans who show up wearing their famous red shirts and ask for financially free pizza.

It will be available from 11am and will only be available in cheese and tomato flavours.

Smaller sizes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until all 115 have been distributed.

The city denies all 115 charges and says it welcomes the opportunity to clear its name before an independent commission.

The store in question, Domino's Wembley, is located at 418 High Rd, London, Wembley HA9 6AH.

Even if you're not a Manchester United fan, there may still be a way to get free pizza.

Fans of the chain recently raved about a trick they used to get the popular food item for £0.

Download the Coca-Cola app now for a chance to win a Domino's Pizza coupon.

One foodie shared on Facebook how she received a completely free takeaway.

They explained: “Get the Coca-Cola app and play their games to earn coupons for Domino's Pizza.”

“All of this didn’t cost me anything, it was all free.

“Thank you for the Coca-Cola app.”

Pizza lovers will need to download the Coca-Cola app and create an account to play.

Next, click on the banner that says “Love Pizza? Win Pizza” and then click “Enter Now.”

Next, click “Try your luck” and press the red button that pops up.

If you're unlucky, try again, then try twice each day after that.

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