Get ready, graphics card prices look set to skyrocket again

If you've been planning to build a gaming PC but have been put off by hoping the price will drop, it might be time to reconsider. The import tariff reduction program implemented by the U.S. government is coming to an end. This may result in graphics card price If imported from China or assembled in China, the price increases by 25%, as does the price of motherboards and computer cases.

The Trump administration initially imposed import tariffs that, if reinstated, could make some of the best graphics cards and other computer gaming hardware more expensive. After a period of backlash, it appears those tariffs will be reinstated before the next presidential election.

A report from PC Mag confirmed that the U.S. Trade Representative recommended to the White House to “maintain tariffs on covered products,” specifically telling the publication that this includes graphics cards, motherboards, and PC cases with the code 8473.30.5100 8473.30. 1180. In fact, it is recommended that the tariffs be reinstated after the latest exemption period ends, restoring 25% of the cost of imports.

This tariff only applies to Chinese goods, but graphics cards, motherboards and computer cases are included in the exemption list established in 2022. The original idea behind the tariffs was to encourage companies to shift supply chains and assembly duties outside of China.

While it has not been confirmed that tariffs will definitely be reinstated, the White House has announced plans to increase tariffs on some Chinese-made goods, including but not limited to semiconductors and electric vehicles. Even more worrying is that in some cases these import duties can be as high as 100%.

Thankfully, you still have time to buy parts at current prices. With many online retailers currently having Memorial Day sales, we've set up a hub showcasing the best tech deals we've found so far.

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