MTG's most expensive energy card may be reprinted

Lately, Modern Horizons 3 has almost dwarfed the Masters series. Throughout Spoiler Season, MTG players have been wowed by an incredibly exciting array of new modern reprints. with cards like this forest guardian MH3, reprinted with Fetch Lands, really has it all.

As if that wasn't enough, Modern Horizons 3 even comes with a reprinted version of the Commander deck. While these weren't officially announced until late May, it's no surprise that these decks have been widely leaked. These leaks haven’t even stopped yet, now spoiler season has officially begun, making it even busier than usual!

Despite the problems with MTG's endless spoiler season, we can't help but be excited about the earlier-than-expected reveal. This is especially true for some recent reprints that have purportedly surfaced online. If these are legit, two of the most expensive energy cards in MTG should be getting reprinted soon!

Aetherworks Marvel reprint?

Aetherworks Marvel LeakedAetherworks Marvel Leaked

Judging from a recent leak posted on the mtgfinance subreddit, Aetherworks Marvel is being reprinted in Modern Horizons 3. Considering the theme of this deck, we'd definitely be confused if this card wasn't reprinted with complete honesty.

Now that we've seen the leak, Aetherworks Marvel's reprint is all but confirmed. Of course, it's possible that this is just a clever fake, but that seems unlikely. Considering the sheer number of Modern Horizons 3 leaks we've seen, almost all of the newly leaked cards can be considered authentic.

As for the card itself, Aetherworks Marvel is obviously a great remake, however, it's not as good as you might think. On paper, this card is the second most expensive energy card, which sounds like a great value. But in reality, the card is only worth about $8.50. If this were the top price for the best cards per archetype, Magic would be a much cheaper game.

Once reprinted, there's technically no way of knowing how much Aetherworks Marvel will sell for. That being said, all things considered, this $8 price point is actually a recent outlier. Following the announcement of Science for Creative Energy and Afterlife! deck, the price of this MTG card has skyrocketed.

Previously, Aetherworks Marvel was worth only about $2.50 in February. While we can't predict the future, there's a non-zero chance that this reprint will return Aetherworks Marvel to pre-hype levels. However, it remains to be seen whether this will happen, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Is “Gonti” also reprinted?

Kunti's Aether Heart LeakedKunti's Aether Heart Leaked

just before reveal In the Aetherworks Marvel reprint, u/FlyinNinjaSqurl revealed another potential Modern Horizons 3 reprint. If this leak is to be believed, Kunti's Ethereal Heart is finally getting its long-awaited reprint! As the most expensive energy card, this reprint is sure to be popular, just like Aetherworks Marvel.

Unfortunately, unlike Artherworks Marvel's reprint, this leak is missing one very important detail. Due to misfortune or cleverly placed camera flash, we can't see the setting symbol for this card. Unfortunately, this means that it's entirely possible that this leak is fake and was designed to cause confusion and impact the MTG market.

Given the sheer volume of leaks we've seen, this possibility admittedly seems unlikely. However, that being said, if this is fake, it won't be the first one we see in Modern Horizons 3. disclose That brainstorming Was in MH3.

Thankfully, Wizards has made it clear that this leak is fake, after confirming that many other leaks are indeed real. Sadly, the chance of this happening again is pretty rare, but, it won't be long before the Creative Power deck is officially revealed.

If Gonti's “Aetheric Heart” is really reprinted, it will be a happy thing for energy-loving MTG players. Currently, Gonti's Ethereal Heart sells for around $11.50, making it the most expensive energy card. Like Aetherworks Marvel, the price has been increased recently as interest in the mechanic has grown.

Six months ago, Gonti's Aether Heart was selling for about $4.50 on TCGplayer. Once this reprint is released, if it is genuine, we may see its price drop to this level again. However, it remains to be seen whether this will happen.

Disappointing energy reprint

lightning runnerlightning runner

While potential reprints of Artherworks Marvel and Gonti's Aether Heart are welcome, power cards aren't that expensive. Currently, with the exceptions mentioned today, each energy card costs less than $2. This makes the entire prototype incredibly playable and affordable, especially in Commander.

While these already low prices make energy decks a budget pleasure, they can always be priced even lower. certainly, lightning runner It might only cost $1.80 now, but being cheaper isn't a bad thing either. The same reason The devil of dark conspiracypriced at only about $1.30.

At current prices, Creative Energy decks seem to have surprisingly little reprint value. Even though it contains all the best power cards, it's nothing to write home about. Hopefully any new energy cards will offer welcome value, but there's no guarantee yet.

Considering the price of the best main energy MTG cards, the whole mechanic can be quite unpopular. According to EDHREC, this is indeed the case, as Aetherworks Marvel only saw about 10,000 decks. That may seem like a lot, but it's far less than niche archetypes like the Rat-Typal.

Ultimately, while it may lack reprint value, there should be a lot to like about the Creative Energy deck. With an exciting new commander and plenty of new support, this omen could be what the energy company needs to reinvigorate its appeal. Whether this will happen, however, remains to be seen.

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