Pocatello man handed over to rider for using bank card stolen from car

POCATELLO — A man who pleaded guilty to four felony charges has been charged as a rider.

Christopher Michael Bock, 51, pleaded guilty to burglary, fraudulent possession of stolen bank cards, destruction of concealed evidence and grand larceny after reaching a plea deal with the Bannock County Prosecutor's Office, court records show. Plea guilty to other charges. As part of the agreement, one additional count of each charge was dismissed, along with penalties for persistent offenders.

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During a hearing on May 20, District Judge Rick Carnaroli sentenced Bock, a rider, to five to eight years in prison.

An add-on program is when a judge sends a person to jail for up to a year to undergo a different treatment program. When inmates complete the program, a judge can decide to send them back to prison to serve their sentence or to be released on probation.

What is a rider?

Bock was arrested in October after reports he used a bank card stolen from an unattended vehicle.

The victim told police that after her car had been parked near Halliwell Park for two hours, she returned to find the passenger side window had been broken and her purse had been taken. She then learned that a card taken from the car had been used at two different grocery stores.

While investigating this theft, police learned of another vehicle theft. The second victim also said a bank card was taken from their car and used.

Police linked Bock to the theft and arrested him. During the process, police discovered that he was in possession of the second victim's bank card.

In addition to Knight, Canaroli also ordered Bock to pay $2,982 in fees and fines.

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