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This woman's husband got her dirty!

Now she wants the money she believes he swindled from her.

Is she being unreasonable?

Let's see what's going on here…

“My husband spent $160,000 “investing” in baseball cards without telling me. At the same time, he would get mad at me for spending money on meal plans or salon services.

He would say that I would get yelled at for being disrespectful of other people's spending and inconsistent with his financial goals. Most of his expenses are paid through his personal credit card and through our joint account.

She is in the dark…

I couldn't access our online banking for a long time, so I couldn't see the amount he put on his credit card. Whenever I questioned a $2,000 or $4,000 payment, he would make some excuse, usually saying it was paid at home or at the grocery store. He refused to show me his statement.

One day, while driving to lunch, he mentioned that my friend owed him a concert ticket I purchased with his card. I agreed to take money from them.

About another…

However, when it comes to this card, I remember just seeing that we jointly paid another $4,000. Two months ago, he committed that he had a balance of $2,000 that he would pay off and stop using.

So I asked, “I thought I could have paid it off a few months ago?” That's all. He told me how I was ruining everything and that we couldn't just enjoy the day and that's why my relationships never worked out, then sent me back to our house and left. It was this outburst that made me realize there was more going on.

She was about to get a rude awakening.

After a lot of digging back and forth, I finally got him to allow me to view his credit card statements, which cost me a total of $160,000 over 3 years. I have realized that financial abuse occurs on many levels, and there are many more that I have not included.

During all of this, my husband met with a divorce attorney and then begged me to give him another chance. That was about a year ago. We are still together, but as you can imagine, financial issues are just one of many we face.

When I realized how much he was spending and how unprepared I was for a divorce, I started transferring money from our joint names to my sole name each month. Over time, my goal is to get my half, $80,000 back, and invest it the way I want.

Of course he was angry, but I basically said oh, okay. He should be thinking about me when he spends money, and I'm just correcting a mistake.

Now he's screwing with her.

Recently when I arranged a transfer he made sure the money was not in the account.

He did this for two months straight and said I couldn't do it anymore. I waited for the money to arrive and transferred it anyway. He's crazy. Told me I was a rat and he was going to sell the house, dissolve our business, etc.

He said it was wrong for me to be tit for tat and that I should give up. The money just stays in my account because I don't spend any of it.

Etta trying to take back half of me over time?

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Yeah, go get the money, fam!

Good Lord!

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