Marion County event aims to reward reduction of gun violence

INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition hosted a gun-turning event in the parking lot of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday. As compensation, participants received gasoline gift cards.

The gun was removed from the scene. One day, local artists and Indy Peace Fellows will repurpose them as artwork and gardening tools.

The event provides an opportunity to dispose of unloaded firearms without returning them to the market where they could cause harm in the future.

The names of gun donors remain anonymous. The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition also requested confirmation that the firearms turned in were not stolen or used in a crime.

Skilled personnel removed the firearm from the vehicle and transferred it to the saw station. There, the guns were cut down and dismantled in accordance with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives guidelines.

Participants were given gas gift cards for handing over their guns. The amounts are as follows.

  • $25 for non-functioning firearms
  • Shotgun or rifle $100
  • Revolver or semi-automatic pistol $150
  • Semi-automatic rifle $200

To ensure extra safety, the Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition is also distributing a limited number of free gun lock boxes to Indianapolis residents who own firearms.

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