“NIKKE DUEL ENCOUNTER” will be released on August 23. Play cards with the actors

Ltd. announced ” NOD Duel Encounter” is an acrylic stand-up card game with the theme of “NIKKE, the Goddess of Victory”, a gun girl showing off her back.

NIKKE DUEL ENCOUNTER”—Acrylic stand-up card game

NOD duel encounter first place


Duel encounter first place
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“NIKKE DUEL ENCOUNTER” is a new style card game using a double-sided acrylic stand with a rotating base and cards. Used for other activities to promote the game!

The first character (NIKKE)

PR Times

Shop specials and other events

Purchasers who pre-order “NIKKE DUEL ENCOUTER 1st ENTRY” in advance will receive a “New Commander Duel Pack” per item. Set contains random playlist (2 types) and 2 Elysian Mold promotional cards (some foil stamping), making it a great item for competitions and collections.

In addition, if you collect all 6 “Mileage Cards” included in the first product and apply for a prize…

  • NK-001-01 Facelift (CV. Ishikawa Yui)
  • NK-002-01 Neon Light (CV. Hidaka Rina)
  • NK-003-01 Fennel (CV. Miho Okazaki)

You can get one of three types of cards featuring a foiled signature hologram. It was a lot of work to get these done, but I want one of these cards!

NOD duel encounter first place


First place in duel
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“NIKKE DUEL ENCOUTER 1st ENTRY” will be released Friday, August 23, 2024. For more information, please visit the “NIKKE DUEL ENCOUTER” official website.

product Overview
Name NOD duel encounter first place
release date Scheduled for August 23, 2024 (Friday)
price 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
type 6 types in total
content 1 acrylic stand + 11 cards
released movik
Comment Two or three types of this product are needed to play against each other.

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