Yu-Gi-Oh! Rare collection of 2 best cards

The first rare collection has proven to be very popular among Yu-Gi-Oh! gamers and collectors, so the sequel certainly had a tough sell. Luckily, Rarity Collection 2 also includes some great options.

Like the first Rarity Collection, Rarity Collection 2 cards come in seven different rarities. There are 79 cards in the set, one of every rarity, for a total of 553 different cards to collect.

Included are cards from several different eras in the game's history, with a nice array of effects, potential archetypes, and staples. There are some real standouts among competitive decks too, and it's well worth picking up among these unusual rarities.

Here are our picks for five of the best, most coveted cards.

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Ghost Mourners and Moonlight Chill

Ghost Mourner and Moonlight Chill is an excellent card that has become more and more popular with players over time. It's a low-cost game that provides combo disruption and control regardless of deck style.

Hand Traps are important in most competitive decks, and Ghost Mourner will likely remain a solid choice, alongside common staples in the class like Veil of Effects.

I:P Masquerade

I:P Masquerena is a LINK-2 monster that has become very important in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta. While it probably needs no introduction to many people, the main benefit of Masquerena is that it provides extra protection against other LINK cards in your extra deck.

Prices have been quite high in the past, so the lower rarity in this set may make it more affordable as a single set. It also comes with a new alternative art in Rarity Collection 2, which should be popular with collectors.

Sorcerer's Soul/Illusion of Chaos

Of the two cards, Chaos Vision is probably the more popular, but these two cards appear together so often that it makes sense to list them here. In addition to the obvious support for non-meta Dark Mage decks, these also provide powerful additions to many of the more general caster decks.

IoC's Ritual Summon is not available in the set, but is relatively easy to pick up as a singleton. They can also appear in decks that combine the Dark Mage archetype with other archetypes, such as Shining Sarcophagus.

Apollolusa, Bow of the Goddess

While not as powerful as the next card on the list, Apollolusa, Bow of the Goddess, has become a staple in many decks. Getting this card to 2400 ATK isn't too difficult, and its versatility allows it to fit seamlessly into many different archetypes.

The real power of this card comes from its negation, which can be multiplied relatively easily with a once-per-chain effect. In LINK-4, exiting can be a little awkward, but against certain decks it can quickly change the game.

access code speaker

The best LINK cards in the game come in seven different rarities. Most high-level Master Duel games come with Accesscode Talker, and LINK climbing is now relatively easy even after Linkuriboh was put on the banned list.

Its effect is a joke, with total negativity and the ability to take powerful cards out of the game from your opponent's field. Its 2300 attack power gives it some resistance at first, but with the extra attack power from the LINK effect, it quickly becomes nearly invincible.

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