Ex-bank robber accused of forging Pokémon card PSA ratings

After Anthony Curcio served six years in prison for his role in one of the most notorious car robberies in the United States, his life seemed to take a turn. He became a motivational speaker, emphasizing the importance of substance abuse prevention and positive life choices in school and college. However, recent events suggest Curcio may be back to his old ways. According to Fox 13 in Seattle, Curcio and his accomplice Iosif Bondarchuk were arrested for allegedly defrauding buyers of £2 million by forging PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) ratings of rare Pokémon and sports cards. Although the cards were genuine, the pair reportedly inflated their value by forging PSA grades.

Their plan, which lasted about two years, began to unravel after a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card sold at a Manhattan auction for $171,700. The card, purportedly graded PSA 10, aroused suspicion when PSA denied involvement in its grading. Further investigation revealed that in 2023, Bondarchuk sold a 1999 first edition Venusaur card to an undercover law enforcement officer for $10,500.


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