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Homefront is a weekly feature that delves into the trends, interiors, and design details we're watching. Domino's Home Editor, Lydia, breaks down her favorite renovation tips.

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Last week, I was interviewing a homeowner about her family's Santa Ynez vacation home (coming soon to Domino), and I pointed out how amazing the bookshelves under the stairs were. But it was so much more than that: When you push the shelf, the whole bookcase opens up and becomes an office. “As a kid, I always wanted a secret door,” she said. You'll be surprised, but what I love most about design details is being able to get it wrong.

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“Oh, you thought that was a headboard? It's actually just paint.'' “No, that oven isn't pink, it's wrapped in plastic.'' The smartest people among me, as I interview hundreds of homeowners, designers, architects, and contractors who oversee Domino's before-and-after content, always remind me: The best changes are never what they seemSometimes, like durable porcelain countertops, the material itself can be deceiving. look Like marble. In other cases, it's all in the application. Want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a slab of stone? Use a series of smaller tiles to achieve the same effect. It's better to show it than to describe it.

Can you spot these renovation tips right away?

  1. DIY enthusiast Leah Hodson camouflaged her bathroom with this Calacatta Viola inspired mural, and it turned out amazing.
  2. Little-known fact: Real concrete is expensive, which is why DIYers are turning to imitation treatments like Ardex's Feather Finish, a self-drying, cement-based mixture.
  3. They just disappear. These Reform cabinets definitely blend into the background thanks to their reflective stainless steel fronts, which is perfect for small spaces like my apartment.
  4. Salvesen Graham covered this London bedroom in De Gournay wallpaper, streamlining the space's many closet doors, but we love how it led to the addition of a secret bathroom.
  5. Home and garden blogger Cynthia Zamaria is no stranger to butcher blocks, but for this tiny galley kitchen, she said she wanted to challenge herself. Tip: Stonewood, a golden quartzite that looks like it came from a tree, but you can actually put hot frying pans on it.
  6. One Texas homeowner fooled me into thinking her shower was clad in a seamless slab by using black grout with these dark, large-format tiles.
  7. Pairing basic panel doors with two shades of blue paint (one lighter and one darker), as in this Jersey City living room, creates a space that looks like it's been ripped from a Renaissance painting.
  8. Popular British designer Beata Human has decorated a dressing room under the stairs with a look that can easily be recreated using materials available at any hardware store.
  9. The hope is that by making the walk-in pantry door indistinguishable from the other cupboards, it will curb the habit of 3pm snacking.
  10. An oversized dough bowl is your chance to create a fresh restroom sink, and don't forget to waterproof it with a combination of Watco Tung Oil, Varathan urethane oil-based sealant, and Olympic Waterproof Sealant, says DIY enthusiast Camille Stiles.
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