Star Wars: Infinite – Build your deck with cards from Shadows of the Galaxy

Sale of the second set Star Wars: Infinite There are only a few weeks left in the competition, and to help players strengthen their decks from the first set, the designers are sharing some tips for using Galaxy Shadow.

Tips from Joe O'Neill

Tip #1: Galaxy Shadow Comes with lots of new upgrade synergies. Leaders are inherently immune to removal effects, so upgrading them is much safer than other options and can really maximize their impact.

Tip #2: In other words, “The Fall of the Rival” (Galaxy Shadow, 79) is an extremely important card to look out for. Don't just rely on your leaders to put too many eggs in one basket, because this card can even take them all out!

Tip #3: bounty Twin Suns are particularly interesting. Placing them on the table motivates your opponents to pursue more interesting goals, allowing you to safely plot your next move.

Tip #4: Smuggling can make your resource selection easier. If you find that resources are always a tough choice, then invest some in smuggling The cards in your deck can help you do this.

Advice from John Leo

Tip #1: Smuggling, smuggling, smuggling! Almost any deck can benefit from virtual card advantage smuggling Keywords. Just resource card smuggling When you draw them early in the game, then play them from your resource row for extra value.

Tip #2: For Vigilant-Villain Control decks, Pike's Sentinel (Milky Way Shadow, 29) It is a cheap and efficient method sentinel units to help protect your base.

Tip #3: As for survivability, shadow of this galaxy Provides a range of great ways to restore health from base. From the humble moisture farmer (Galaxy Shadow55) To achieve the highest goal of high efficiency (shadow galactic71) bountycontrol decks now have more powerful options to expand the game.

Tip #4: Consider replacing one of your Suns leaders with a new favorite Galaxy Shadow. There are so many new combinations to explore!

Tips from MJ Cutts:

Tip #1: Token upgrade is still an upgrade! While viewing the card Galaxy Shadow People who care about leveling up, such as Throne Protectors (Galaxy Shadow, 247), keep in mind that shields and experience tokens will also activate these cards' abilities. Be careful though, as this can be a double-edged sword; if a friendly unit takes damage and loses its shields, it will lose those abilities as well.

Tip #2: As our card pool grows, remember to check out the new “two-aspect” cards (cards with two identical aspects) like Midnight Repair (Galaxy Shadow, 54). These new cards may help enhance your existing double-sided deck or even push the deck in a whole new direction.

Tip #3: new Rebellious and empire stuck at Galaxy Shadow Really helps expand spark of rebellion deck; however, strong hell Cards from the first set (such as Greedo and Bossk) may be Galaxy Shadow besides!

Tip #4: Our new keyword, bountywhich rewards players for defeating certain units. bounty Cards are some of our team's favorites to add to Twin Suns decks to make negotiations more difficult, so I highly recommend adding a few next time you play Twin Suns and see what chaos ensues.

Tip #5: As John mentioned, with Galaxy Shadow, the Twin Suns already have as many as 306 different leader pairs! that's a Ton New options!

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