Red button at door still in effect due to resident question card issue

The district office issued a reminder Friday afternoon, a day after announcing changes involving residents' access cards, that red buttons at village entrances remain in effect.

The district office announced Thursday that starting in June, “the gate system will only operate with a valid card in the system.” If residents find themselves having problems with their cards, they should go to the district's Customer Service Center in Lake Sumter Landing or One of the satellite offices resolves issues.

Residents can also use the visitor access and press the red button.

While work to enhance the gate's functionality has been underway for months, the sudden announcement of the change seemed to catch many residents off guard. It also reignited a long-standing debate over the value of Florida's friendliest hometown gate.

“Retiring all old access cards is a waste of resources. Regardless, the only purpose of the key card is to open a door that can be opened by pressing a button,” said Robert Fehr of Santo Domingo Village.

He said he really didn't see the “benefits” of the change and was concerned it would worsen traffic conditions.

“Everyone who previously lived in the village, or got a card from a friend because they worked in the village, will now have to press a button, thus slowing down traffic,” he said.

Joe Godfrey of Marshbend Village agreed that the gates simply create the image of a gated community.

“The Village is not a gated community as some people think. In the state of Florida, it is illegal to have a gated community with roads maintained by the county. The solution to this problem is a small red bottom that anyone can enter. Doorway The guards have no right to stop anyone from entering, which is why when you pull into the visitor drive, they open the gate,” Godfrey said.

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