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simply put: While the chance of severe weather is low today, there is still a chance for storms in the Houston area late this morning and continuing into the afternoon. If you are out today, please be aware of weather conditions.

Welcome to June, the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Speaking of which, over at our sister site The Eyewall, Matt lists some reasons why you should be wary, but not absolutely worried, about what is expected to be a crazy season. The good news is that things are looking calm for now.

However, the weather may not be calm today in Houston. As of 9:30 a.m. today, heavy showers and thunderstorms are developing near Palacios and Matagorda Bay in southwest Houston. Generally speaking, I expect these storms to move north-northeast into the metropolitan area later this morning and throughout the afternoon.

Severe weather is expected on Saturday. (NOAA)

what does that mean? If you are planning an event between 11am and 7pm today, you should be aware of weather conditions. Given variables like atmospheric instability, I don't think we'll see chaos. Yes, small hail or damaging winds are possible, but severe weather conditions are not ideal. So it's possible. Perhaps more worryingly, some of today's storms may be slow to progress, so parts of Houston could see 2 to 4 inches of rain and some street flooding. However, for most of us, I think the impact will be smaller. Regardless, it looks like things will start to look up tonight as the daytime heat fades away.

I'm not too confident in Sunday's weather forecast, but it does seem likely that we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, and again, some heat during the day. Coverage should be less than it is today. If there are significant changes to the weather forecast later today or Sunday, we will update as necessary. If not, I'll see you Monday morning.

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