Virat Kohli hopes that the T20 World Cup being held in the Americas will have a domino effect on the popularity of the sport.

USA and West Indies will host the T20 World Cup from June 2 with the hosts taking on Canada in the opener. Virat Kohli will arrive in New York on Friday evening and will be busy preparing for the marquee event, but may miss the warm-up match against Bangladesh.

Virat Kohli with US Consul General, Mumbai, Mike Hankey (Photo credit: Twitter @USAndMumbai)

India's ace batsman Virat Kohli Kohli said he hopes hosting the T20 World Cup in the United States will start a domino effect that will spread the sport around the world. The United States and West Indies will host the high-profile event from June 2, with the hosts playing Canada in the opening match. Kohli arrived in New York on Friday evening, the last of the Indian team to arrive.

Cricket is a very popular sport in Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, but it has yet to gain much traction in the western parts of the world.

The most popular sports in America are American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf and auto racing, but cricket has yet to establish itself as one of the most popular sports in the country.

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