Fun Secret Lair Rewards Card Offers Great Flavor and Dismal Value

As early as May 13th, Secret Lair Spring Superdrop 2024 was launched. This Superdrop has specially launched many unique products for players to purchase. Unfortunately, some of the coolest options, like the MTG Hatsune Miku crossover, sold out within hours.

However, there are still some sweet secret lairs still for sale. For the next 36 hours, even these secret lairs will no longer be available for sale. So, if you want to try out some fun designs, now is your chance!

Of the remaining secret lairs, the most interesting one I picked was definitely the Golbingram Secret Lair. This series doesn’t just have sweet, expensive reprints, e.g. Goblin Welderbut the art and style of each card revolves around a trendy social media theme.

While Secret Lair is still available for purchase, it appears that the associated rewards card has already been confirmed. In this case, the bonus card comes as no surprise. Still, it's delicious and worth a look.

Predictable but delicious

Tron, the last trollTron, the last troll

Like every secret lair, Goblin Ram Secret Lair comes with a bonus card in addition to the one advertised. Unlike other reprints in each product, these cards remain mysterious until players actually receive their secret lair. In some cases, these rewards cards are quite thematic. Goblin Ram's Secret Lair is no exception, with the final troll Tron appearing as a bonus card.

Goblin Boss | Goblin WelderGoblin Boss | Goblin Welder

Before players open Goblin Ram's secret lair, there are multiple signs that Tron has been included. First and foremost, The Last Trolltron is featured in every Gobingram reprint, with content that is clearly similar to the comments section of each “post.” Thron may not be a goblin like the other gang members, but he fulfills his role as a troll well.

Look, all of Throne's comments give off major internet troll vibes. Not only that, but Throne also manages to highlight the final comment associated with each card, further cementing himself as “The Last Troll.” Interestingly, the text on the Troon bonus card is more in line with these themes.

The whole joke about Thrun in the MTG world is that it's extremely difficult to deal with. You can't counter it, and once it's in play, you can't kill it with targeted removal spells. if you have judgment day When prepared, the opponent can always pay two mana to restore Troon.

The design of the bonus cards was born out of these ideas. Throne's comments suggest that despite efforts to ban his account, Throne has made a comeback. His shenanigans just can't stop, much like his game mode in Magic: The Gathering .

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Weak financial value

Unfortunately, for those hoping for a super expensive bonus card, you may be disappointed. The Last Troll Throne only appears in Mirrodin Besieged and The List, but that doesn't stop this card from having any reprint value. Thrun's cheapest traditional form currently sells for less than $1.

Overall, most rewards cards aren’t worth that much money to begin with. Of course there are exceptions, such as the rarer ones the persistent petitioner Variants. Most bonus cards, though, especially those that are particularly similar to the art or style of their respective secret lairs, don't cost much. For example, “Just Add Milk: The Secret Lair of Second Help” features “Coveted Gems” as a bonus card. The coveted jewelry finally embodies alternative art, but still costs less than $1.

However, the coveted gem has proven itself to be a very cute Commander card. It's also a retro staple, allowing players to speed up with quick mana and quick power grim boulder. Thrun, on the other hand, thought there was nothing to play anywhere. It used to be a good sideboard card for modern Jund decks in tough games, but now it's a bit outdated. With that in mind, it's clear that this card was included for flavor reasons and nothing else.

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player reaction

Arrogant Taunt | Goblin ChiefArrogant Taunt | Goblin Chief

Ultimately, while Throne isn't the most exciting Secret Lair bonus card from a financial perspective, many players appreciate the meme value of this card. Some players find small details fascinating, such as the cracks throughout Tron's imagery that resemble a broken phone screen. Likewise, players appreciated Thron's creation of new accounts and the action's strong connection to regeneration.

It’s not shocking at all to see Tron appear as a rewards card. Regardless, this is a cool addition for anyone who likes the overall style of Goblingram's Secret Lair. If you're a fan, remember this is your last window to grab a discounted Golbingram Secret Lair!

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