Nvidia Announces “SFF Ready” Graphics Cards and Case Guidelines—Putting an Enthusiast-Grade GPU into Your Mini-ITX System

Nvidia announced new specifications for GeForce graphics cards and PC cases today at Computex 2024, which should make small PC enthusiasts rejoice. This kind of thing already exists, but now Nvidia has defined certain size and spacing requirements for “SFF-ready enthusiast GPUs” and listed the graphics cards and chassis that meet the requirements. If you've ever wanted one of the best graphics cards but also wanted to put together a mini-ITX system, this should make things a little easier.

While there are already low-end graphics cards suitable for compact builds, Nvidia is specifically looking to cater to the “enthusiast” market, i.e. gamers who spend at least $549 for an RTX 4070 all the way up to $999 (or more).

It's easy to find low-end performance graphics cards that fit into mini-ITX cases: Nvidia's RTX 4070 Founders Edition (and the similarly sized RTX 4070 Super Founders Edition) is the prime example. However, once you get to the level of the RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4080 Super, you'll often find that many three-slot (or wider) cards are too big.

To qualify for the Nvidia SFF-ready label (it's unclear if this is a sticker on the box or something else), a graphics card must be 2.5 slots thick or less, 304 mm or less long, and 151 mm or less tall. Small. PC cases require slightly more space to provide a little wiggle room for installing cards, so they require a thickness of 2.5 slots, a length of 312 mm, and a height of 154.5 mm.

Nvidia also noted that power line clearance is another requirement, but didn't provide any specifics on what that means in practice. It only says that the dimensions of the card are “151 mm high (including space for the power cord).” This is a bit odd considering all the cards in question likely require the use of a 16-pin 12V-2×6 connector, which requires an optional adapter if you don't have an ATX 3.0 PSU.

Regardless, Nvidia currently offers the aforementioned 33 RTX 40-series GPU models and 18 cases that meet its SFF-ready requirements. This means you should be able to grab any graphics card or case and they will fit together without any issues.

It's worth pointing out that most graphics cards are 4070 or 4070 Super variants. It's much easier to cool a 200W or 220W GPU in a smaller form factor. Thirteen of these are 4070 cards, another 11 are 4070 Super, seven are 4070 Ti Super, and only two cards (Asus ProArt and Palit Infinity3) manage to fit the 4080 Super into the limited footprint.

There were also rumors last week that Nvidia would launch a dual-slot RTX 5090 card. Frankly, it seems like some wires might be crossed, and this “SFF-ready” announcement is mixed in with Blackwell RTX 50-series GPU rumors that will eventually see dual-socket 5090 cards.

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