The Livonian man behind professional pickleball's first trading card

Leaf Trading Cards was the first card manufacturer to offer pickleball trading cards.

LIVONIA — C.J. Breen's innovative spirit helped create the first trading card in professional pickleball.

Breen, a native of Livonia, graduated from Divine Child High School in Dearborn, He played an integral role in the Dallas-based Leaf Trading Cards company, offering the first pickleball trading cards on the market. Brin said the decision allows Leaf to carve out a niche for itself in a highly competitive industry.

The first card launches in November 2022, starring top pickleball players Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau. The company's latest line of pickleballs, called Leaf Metal Pickleball, launched on May 24 and comes with autographed cards.

Breen believes that pickleball has grown tremendously among athletes of all ages over the past decade, which has helped make it a hot commodity. Due to the sport's growing popularity, the Leafs are able to sign exclusive deals with athletes without the restrictions of larger organizations like the National Football League. As a result, Leaf is the only company offering pickleball trading cards on a large scale.

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