Moody living room trends for 2024

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In a world where interior trends change faster than the weather in Iceland, some styles inevitably rise to the top each season. Speaking of which, Houzz just released its summer trends report, which sheds light on a particular vibe people are feeling right now: moody living rooms. Data shows that searches for “moody living rooms” have more than doubled compared to 2023. And of The New York Times The magazine recently spoke to interior designers who say that deep, muted colors often have a calming effect on living spaces.

So how do you achieve the perfect living room that's chic and atmospheric without being too dreary? We've collected four examples of spaces that strike just the right balance to keep your brain active.

Don't be afraid of monochrome

Here's the idea: When you look around and see nothing but white walls, why not add a splash of vibrant color? Let this London home be your guide. The bright blue games room provides a stark contrast to the rest of the house. A sofa in the same hue adds to the mood, and a set of rail shelves allows the homeowners to tell a story through art and knick-knacks.

Playing with plaster

Sometimes it takes one (big) decision to make you feel better. The warm texture of the drywall in this Los Angeles home gives the space a natural intimacy, while the furniture and d├ęcor are in dark, earthy tones. It's the perfect balance between lived-in and contemplative. See the wood leaning against the end of the long, raw bench? By the way, the scalloped finish on the seat balances the angles of the rest of the room.

Experience the charm of Italian summer

Fantasies can also come true in the home. Take couple Caitlin Cavagnolo and Tyler Randall's Jersey City apartment, for example. The entire living room revolves around one (huge) tapestry. To keep the drama going, all the powder blue doors have a trompe l'oeil magic trick going on: the moldings are lined on the inside with a darker hue, giving the illusion of more depth than they actually are. The space is small, and the effort in layering textures and patterns creates atmosphere.

Limewash and unexpected color combinations

Artists Christina Martinez and Albashir Holly decked out the living room walls of their Seattle home in a dusty pink. The combination of lime-washed textures and unexpected hues (dusty eggplant and deep sage green) creates a dramatic effect that's further enhanced by the art collection that hangs on the walls. The color palette also stands out in other parts of the home (such as the split-colored staircase), proving that a serene, moody vibe can be carried from room to room.

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