What are Light Pokémon cards? Pokemon TCG explained

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Keeping up with every Pokemon card type in the Pokemon TCG can feel like a daunting task. From double rares to special illustrated rares, there are plenty of cards for collectors to get their hands on.

Dark Pokémon cards are popular among lore-driven collectors thanks to their connection to the popular Team Rocket, but their light counterparts don't get as much attention. Still, if you value beautiful Pokémon artwork, these Paradise cards are worth keeping an eye on.

Originating in the Neo Destiny expansion pack in the early 2000s, this card type appeared once as a single promotional card during the Sword and Shield era of the game (Light Toxitricity SWSH137) and has not appeared since in the Scarlet & Violet expansion pack Pass.

Light Lantern and Light Azumarill Pokémon Cards.

Light Lanturn (23/105) and Light Azumarill (13/105) Pokémon cards.

Light Pokémon cards, in contrast to Dark Pokémon cards, are considered in legend to be “good” Pokémon carefully bred by trainers. They typically have higher health and more support-oriented moves than their standard counterparts.

Interestingly, Stage 1 and 2 Light Pokémon do not need to evolve from Light Pokémon. As shown above, Light Lanturn can evolve from a regular Chinchou. They are still excluded from the 4 rule, which means you can theoretically have 4 Azumarill cards and 4 Light Azumarill.

How to tell if you have a Light Pokemon card

Identifying niche Pokémon card types may take some time and practice, but there are some key ways to spot light Pokémon cards in the wild.

Please follow the steps below to identify your card:

  1. Does your Pokémon have “Light” in its name? First, all Light Pokémon cards will have their subtype in the Pokémon name. If it doesn't say “light,” then you're dealing with something else – probably a glowing Pokémon.
  2. Is the artwork ethereal and sparkling? This is somewhat subjective, but most of the Light Pokémon have heavenly, almost angelic art. The color scheme is lighter and the associated Pokémon tends to look happy or peaceful.
  3. Is the art border white and gold? Secondly, the border art on the Light Pokemon cards is slightly different than the standard borders. They are light gold and white and add to the overall divine beauty of the card.
  4. Does your Pokémon have support moves? Pay attention to the attacks and abilities on your cards. Light Pokémon often have backup support moves, healing abilities, or attacks that provide utility to both players in the match.

If you're still not sure what you're dealing with, enter the card information into the official Pokemon TCG database. This is a great way to verify your cards and learn more about them, especially if you're new to the hobby.

If you end up with a Light Pokemon card, be sure to put it away. These cards could be valuable, and with the recent hype surrounding a potential Team Rocket expansion, we may see the return of both dark and light Pokémon. This is just speculation on our part, but it would be an exciting move for The Pokémon Company.

For more Pokemon card explanations, check out our Hyper Rare and Illustration Rare guides, and find out about the latest release schedule for the Pokemon TCG here.

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