Teacher's 'Cereal Domino' Donates Over 1,400 Boxes to Spokane Families

SPOKANE, Wash. – Julie Stannard challenged her second-grade class this spring to collect 1,600 unopened cereal boxes and use the breakfast boxes as “cereal dominoes” – all part of her ongoing effort to feed local families and help students learn to give back to their community while having fun.

“This is my third year (of the cereal campaign) and I've raised my goal again. I've decided that my dream when I retire is to set a Guinness World Record for cereal dominoes,” Julie said.

This week, Julie led her students on a walk from Spokane International Academy to the nearby Fairwinds Retirement Community for a fun demonstration featuring the more than 1,400 cereals she and her students have collected so far.

“We're very active in the community at Spokane International Academy,” Julie says, “and (Fairwinds) collected about 75 or 80 boxes for us.”

The second graders enthusiastically carried cereal boxes into Fairwinds and helped assemble a long “domino” train that wound its way around the lobby area and up the stairs. The best part was watching the cereal dominoes topple, so check out the video above.

“We built a domino train and then toppled it,” said SIA sophomore Quinn Diemert. “It was really fun and something I've always wanted to do.”

After the cereal dominoes toppled, applause and cheers rang out throughout Fairwinds.

“I thought it was really cool,” student Ciara Voorhees said.

“The memories these kids will leave behind are my pride and joy,” Julie said, pointing to her students.

The best part is that every single domino piece goes towards helping feed local families.

“I donate to Second Harvest Food Bank, small food pantries around Spokane, Family Promise, UGM, other food pantries in the valley,” Julie says, “so the money gets passed around.”

“We're giving it to people who need it,” student Ciara Forhorse said.

Julie's class will be collecting cereal through next Tuesday, with the goal of knocking down more than 1,600 boxes set up around Spokane International Academy.

If you'd like to contribute towards the goal of 1,600 cereal boxes to be donated to local food banks and charities, Julie says you can donate unopened cereal boxes at Spokane International Academy.

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