Did you know there are Rolexes that have the Domino logo on the dial?

“Once I knew the challenge was achievable, I started working hard,” said Domino's Pizza franchisee Hannah Lantz. “I've won five times, including at the $45,000 and $50,000 levels. $50,000 is a lot of money to sell pizzas in a week. It required additional staff and extra preparation.”

As a motivational tool, Monahan’s use of Rolex as an incentive: Glengarry Glen RossIn his essay “The CEO as Corporate Mythmaker,” Wayne State University literature and folklore professor Richard Raspa suggests that Monahan believed that “everyone who worked at Domino's was a potential facsimile of the founder.”

Providing employees with the same kinds of fancy pens, ties and watches that Monahan owned — even if they were taken from his own wrist — would inspire them with the same kind of entrepreneurial spirit that helped him turn a pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan, into one of the world's largest fast-food franchises.

Domino's Rolex Air-Kings have become unusual collector's items, selling for prices above what would typically be paid for a vintage Air-King.

Are they worth it?

As for the watch itself, those on the second-hand market have become quirky collectibles, selling for more than what's typically paid for a vintage Air-King. (They're also easier to find than Rolexes branded by companies like Winn-Dixie and Coca-Cola, which donate the watches for years of use, not for monetary gain.) Still, the Domino's logo is a polarizing feature.

“This Rolex has attracted more attention in my window than any other Rolex, other than a vintage Submariner,” said Steve Kibel, president of Central Watch at Grand Central Terminal, where a Domino's Pizza Air-King has been on display for months.

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