Can you use an Apple gift card to pay for Apple repairs?

Suppose you go to an Apple store and want to replace your iPhone screen or even its battery. I know you can buy Apple gift cards online, but is it an email code? You can also purchase physical Apple gift cards at Target. Is it okay if it’s a physical card? What if it’s an online gift code?

Let’s say you have an online gift code on your phone and you want to replace the screen or even the battery. Then after they fix your phone, you can use your iPhone to log into your Apple account and pay them with the gift card in your account? Let's say you purchased several Apple gift cards online and have $300 worth of Apple gift cards. I heard you need to add it to your account on your phone first? Which phone is that? Let's say you purchased three $100 Apple gift cards through Target Online. How would that work? But let's say your total cost is $500. Can you then pay the other $200 by credit card or cash?

Is there a limit to the number of repairs you can make with an Apple gift card in a store? What about procurement? Another thing is, if you buy an Apple gift card at a Target physical store, how do you make sure the code is legitimate and hasn't been scratched off? Is there a way to test it in a Target store immediately after purchase? Can you add it to your Apple account on your iPhone as soon as you reach your goal?

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