MTG Assassin's Creed fan favorite Kassandra is a two-card Commander combo

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Kassandra, the Eagle Bearer, and the Spear of Leonidas have been featured in MTG's Universe Beyond: Assassin's Creed set, and this fan-favorite combination of assassin artifacts would make a great new Boros commander.

Assassin's Creed will be a different flavor of the Universe Beyond series, with a smaller total number of card choices in Universe Beyond Boosters rather than the guaranteed selections included in Commander editions like Fallout.

Ahead of the release of Universe Beyond: Assassin's Creed, graphic trailers for the series, as well as official card spoilers, have begun to appear in this smaller-than-usual MTG release. Previous reveals have focused on series favorite Ezio Auditore da Firenze, but this out-of-universe scene stars a range of classic Assassin's Creed characters, including Odyssey's Spartan hero Cassandra .

MTG Assassin's Creed Cassandra Eagle Holder Card

Kassandra the Eagle Bearer is a new legendary creature that can be cast with 1RW. As a haste 2/2, Kassandra has some early game combat application on her own, though less than expected from her Boros status. However, following the classic strategy of color matching, Kassandra becomes a more lethal threat when using relevant equipment cards.

Once you acquire Kassandra ETB, you can search your library, hand, and graveyard for Spear of Leonidas and put it directly onto the battlefield. As long as your opponent doesn't exile this card, Kassandra will immediately take it out and prepare to equip it.

In addition to finding useful specific devices, Kassandra can also be used as a highly specialized but useful drawing engine. Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player and that creature has a legendary item attached to it, you may draw a card.

White and red mana are often adversely affected when drawing cards, so having this reliable source in the command zone is very convenient for players willing to build around the specs of this card.

MTG Assassin's Creed Spear of Leonidas

The Spear of Leonidas is a legendary artifact equipment that can be cast in 2R or obtained for free through Kassandra's ability. The equipment cost of this card is 2 normal mana, and when the equipped creature attacks, its controller can choose one of the following three effects:

  • Charge of the Bull — Equipped creature gains combo hits until end of turn.
  • Summon – Create a legendary 3/2 red horse creature token named Phobos.
  • Revelation – Discard two cards, then draw two cards.

Whether its controller is looking to increase their board presence, deal extra damage, or filter their hand, Spear of Leonidas offers a variety of great-value options.

Boros has long been a standout color combination for MTG gear, and early game decks like Rise of Rebellion are built around this strategy. With Kassandra, Eagle Bearer, and Spear of Leonidas, Boros fans have an interesting way to build decks focused on legendary gear.

Beyond the Universe continues to be a huge success for Magic: The Gathering, with every pop culture crossover bringing legions of new fans to the world's oldest trading card game.

Tales from Middle-earth remains the pinnacle of Beyond the Universe, and the golden-ticket search for The Lord of the Rings has locked the spotlight on Magic: The Gathering like never before. While future full-set versions like Final Fantasy will likely take the Middle-earth crown, smaller versions of Commander decks like Beyondverse: Fallout are doing incredibly well.

As the first Magic crossover game to feature Aftermath-style Beyond Boosters, Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed is in a potentially dangerous position. MTG fans are wary of Beyond Boosters' price and content, but if the series' cards and mechanics continue to be as solid as these early reveals, excitement from the Assassin's Creed fanbase could easily save this unique MTG release.

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