Local couple's cards and cash stolen after wedding

Imagine getting married and enjoying the celebrations, only to find out at the end of the day – money and souvenirs from your guest card have been stolen.

CLEO, Miss. (WJRT) – Imagine getting married and enjoying the celebration, only to find at the end of the day that money and keepsakes were stolen from your guest card.

That's what happened to newlyweds Justin and Alaina Thomas over the weekend.

“As far as I know, apart from a few vendors, Justin and I were the last two people to leave the venue,” said the woman, who got married on June 8.

Justin and Alayna Thomas said all the planning leading up to their June 8 wedding was perfect until the next day.

“When we went back the next day on Sunday to clean up, everything had been cleaned up for us and put at the door. It wasn't my first thought, but I said where is the card box and who got the card box,” said Alaina Thomas.

The newlyweds who have rented the venue in Clio since June 7 told us they had everything arranged on Friday, including the box of cards.

Not wanting anyone to be so insensitive on their wedding day, the couple did spend some time looking for cards and cash before contacting authorities.

The Thomases didn't even get a chance to read the beautiful love messages from their 150 guests near and far, or find out how much money they received.

“They didn't even leave the box, we're going to use it as a change jar,” said groom Justin Thomas. “It was the first thing we bought for our wedding and it said the wedding date: June 8, 2024.”

They say they accept some responsibility but are still shocked that someone took the opportunity to destroy a special memory.

“It's a little embarrassing for me that I didn't hold anyone accountable and take the box away at the end of the night, but there are a lot of graduations and weddings going on right now, so we just hope people are paying attention,” Alaina Thomas said.

The couple told ABC 12 they can't blame any guests or vendors, but know someone did take the box.

The Thomases say it's not about the money and they want the box returned.

Justin and Alaina would not reveal the name of the venue, but said they were contacted by the owner.

The couple said they were told the venue wanted to make things right, but they didn't know the specifics.

They plan to hold a meeting soon.

ABC 12 also reached out to the wedding venue but has not yet received a response.

Meanwhile, family and friends have created a GoFundMe account for the couple to help make amends for the incident.

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